I friend zoned my crush what do I do?

I obviously didn't do it on purpose but he thinks I only like him as a friend but I don't wanna just straight out tell him I like him.


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  • I agree with the anonymous girl at the bottom. Why NOT tell him? What do you have to lose? Certainly not your pride, or dignity. At most you'll get closure if he tells you he doesn't feel the same way.

    So what's the problem. Worried it will get weird? All you gotta do is tell him you like him and that there's no pressure or anything, that you just wanted to be honest about it, and if he doesn't feel the same way, it's cool. Then you just go about your day, if he's not interested. Because so long as you don't get weird, he likely won't get weird. You don't even need to tell him more than once. (in fact it's better if you don't)

    So why not just tell him?

    Alright, maybe you don't have the courage, right now. So how about you just flirt with the guy, then? ( like this - link ) Maybe if you start flirting with him, and gradually make more moves on him, you could start giving him the hint, but if that doesn't work, don't assume he doesn't like you. Intensify it, and if all else fails, we're back to you just telling him outright, or straight up, asking him out. In which case, I'm back to asking what you think you got to lose.

    Good luck.

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      My only critique of this is that flirting isn't going to work anymore since you already friend zoned him. He's going to brush off your flirting attempts because in the back of his mind, he'll tell himself "She's not really flirting, she already said she doesn't like me."

      I've told girls before, when you turn a guy down, you have to be much more direct when you change your mind, because he's already written you off as off limits.

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      Yeah, but I covered that. I said that if it doesn't work the nest move is to amp it up and if all else fails just tell him, or ask him out.