Do shy guys avoid you after you've talked for awhile?

I like this shy guy, and it feels like he likes me too. We've texted and talked before, but just lately, it feels like he's avoiding me. When I texted him before, he was always enthusiastic about our conversations. Now, he doesn't text back, or he tries to avoid me during class. However, today my friend and I were talking a few feet away from him and his friends, and my friend saw that he purposely tried to move to an angle were he was still talking to his friend but he looked over at me like 3 times. Does this mean he likes me?


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  • You will never know the answer to this question unless you find out in person or indirectly through a person. No amount of deduction and interpretation can verify whether he likes or not.


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    ive been reading some questions involving extremely weird shy guy behaviors and honestly, that is too strange.

    i don't really get how a guy can take 20 steps backwards after a girl is giving them attention and signs of attraction. what does he want you to do, climb on him and rape him?

    you might have to talk to this dude and ask him what's going on.

  • Im a shy guy and if I like a girl and texting I won't just stop for no reason. Maybe it was going fast for him and he didn't know what to do? You could try and find out from one of his friends to see if he has said anything about you.

    • His best friend told me that he stammers and gets nervous whenever his best friend brings up my name. So I'm guessing all this feels more real now and he's getting nervous about it?

      I'm not sure what to do tho. If you liked a girl and were really forward with her, but then you started realizing how what you felt was becoming real, would you start getting nervous and avoid her so you don't embarrass yourself? Could that be why he's avoiding me?

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