How to know if you're being friend zoned?

what are the hints that a girl is friend-zoning a guy?


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  • 1) She focuses her attention flirtatiously with other men

    2) An awkward moment happens between the two of you that leads to one or the other to stop texting for a while

    3) There's no physical interaction / no play fighting / no massages ... you get the idea

    4) She doesn't put herself in risky opportunities... E.g. she won't go to parties with you out of fear that things might lead to something both of you will regret


    ~ ArtistBBoy

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      I wouldn't say that the first three points you've made are the girl friend zoning the guy or even signs that she is doing so either.

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      How so? You must be the author of the friend zone and know so much about it - care to elaborate on your accumulated knowledge. That's kinda the point of the site, you might disagree with my answer and fail to expand the scope of your own mind but you can still contribute your years of expertise. Who knows maybe you'll get BA and feel all proud and sh*t - then years later you'll realize that the world is much bigger than your ego.

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      Well you're perspective from earlier cited these three points as "starting points" which are reversable. Yes I agree in a sense that they are reversable but it's misleading to declare them as starting points. I would think it's more appropriate to call these unfavourable actions, but still they do not determine a person has "definitely" put you in the friend zone. Your fourth point above isn't a starting point to me and it demonstrates the hint that I believe satisfies the question.