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How do I get rid of my friend's horrible girlfriend?

ok me and this guy have some small history. now we are very good friends. his new girlfriend hates me and is super jealous because I'm not going to... Show More

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  • You can start by being a real friend and respecting the fact that this girl is his girlfriend. I would advise you to understand that he needs to make his own mistakes - but I think you only care about how his girlfriend affects your relationship with him, not about how bad she is for him.

    My suggestion is to suck it up, because he obviously chose her for a reason. Interfering with it by trying to make her jealous will only backfire on you, because she's the one controlling his stick shift now.

What Guys Said 1

  • is she really on crack?

    One thing you could do is probably give your guy friend hugs in front of her and she will most likely get really jealous and tell him he has to stop and most likely he will say you're his friend so why. I guess you could play a 'prank' on her as well. Not really sure.

    • Yes she is on crack !!! and she is very jealous of our close relationship so ima call him suga and hunny bun infront of her =p funn and it wouldn't b too bad if he got with me !!

      wat he's really sexi

    • I think I hug would probably drive her mad. That is crazy though...crack. What year are you guys?

    • Thnx ima do that for sure and he thinks its funny how she gets jealous of me because I'm younger

What Girls Said 2

  • Um as a married woman who has to deal with an ex right now, there is a boundary you do NOT overstep when a man has a significant other. I would punch a girl's lights out for calling my husband honey, or sugar, or anything. Pet names are for the significant other to use, NOT you. You need to be respectful of the fact that she is his girlfriend, and you are definitely overstepping your boundaries. I know it's who you are as a person, but you need to be respectful of the fact that she doesn't like it. And getting rid of her? Come on puhlease! Sounds like you want this guy back and your jealous of her. And calling her ugly...yeah, you definitely want him huh? If I were here, I'd have probably already kicked your ass for overstepping the line. Being a flirt KNOWINGLY with a man who has a woman...no not gonna happen with me. Learn to respect your FRIEND if not her and the fact that he has a woman.

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