How do I get rid of my friend's horrible girlfriend?

ok me and this guy have some small history. now we are very good friends. his new girlfriend hates me and is super jealous because I'm not going to lie I'm a flirt I call all the guys hun and honey bunny and sugar and stuff like that whatever she's very jealous because he goes along with it. she's... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • You can start by being a real friend and respecting the fact that this girl is his girlfriend. I would advise you to understand that he needs to make his own mistakes - but I think you only care about how his girlfriend affects your relationship with him, not about how bad she is for him.

    My suggestion is to suck it up, because he obviously chose her for a reason. Interfering with it by trying to make her jealous will only backfire on you, because she's the one controlling his stick shift now.