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Why do girls like compression shorts so much on a guy?

As suggested by my girlfriend, I started to wear my track and field compression shorts under a shorter pair of normal Nike shorts outside track meets... Show More

Most Helpful Opinion

  • MmmmMmmmm. Damn. Compression shorts!

    Because theyare TIGHT and they generally give a good show no matter where you look!

    One of the thrills of my life!

What Girls Said 8

  • i love it but I don't know why

  • idk, don't see why it should matter.

  • I guess because you can see his form more. I think they're hot

  • Everyone has their own preference for such things.

  • I also like that style, it's cute...especially if the guy has nice legs.

  • it's new style cute and cool just it !

  • Girls are ass women too! Not just guys! I love my mans tiny tush.

What Guys Said 2

  • I've never heard that before

  • As long as you get to tell her what to wear...

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