Why do girls like compression shorts so much on a guy?

As suggested by my girlfriend, I started to wear my track and field compression shorts under a shorter pair of normal Nike shorts outside track meets as well. She said they look sexy on me. At first I was a bit uncertain if they looked cool like that in town, but since many classmates and friends, especially girls told me how good an idea it is that the compression shorts stick out under the normal shorts. A friend of mine also started to wear them. So now I'm buying more colors and will wear them more often, but why do you think girls like that so much?


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  • MmmmMmmmm. Damn. Compression shorts!Because theyare TIGHT and they generally give a good show no matter where you look!One of the thrills of my life!

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  • i love it but I don't know why

  • I guess because you can see his form more. I think they're hot

  • idk, don't see why it should matter.

  • Everyone has their own preference for such things.

  • Girls are ass women too! Not just guys! I love my mans tiny tush.

  • it's new style cute and cool just it !

  • I also like that style, it's cute...especially if the guy has nice legs.

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  • As long as you get to tell her what to wear...

  • I've never heard that before