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Only a week left of school - how can I tell him I like him?

There's this guy in my class whom I've liked for about 6 months. We talk daily, but always when other people are around. I'm pretty sure he's... Show More

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  • I faced a very similar situation to you in high sch and I can tell you that I have always regretted not asking him if he liked me. So I would suggest that it is easier to just ask him directly, cos you don't have much time and beating ard the bush will do no good. All the best :)

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  • grow a pair and do it

  • Why don't you just go up to him and say "Hey, I hope you have a great summer. Here's my number. Call me or message me, let's do something fun this summer, like go for ice cream or go swimming or something cool. If you don't want to, no big deal. Anyway, enjoy your summer!"

  • If your friends have spilled the bean, then the cat out the bag about how you feel about this fella. If you don't speak on the situation there will just be awkward moments. Times a wasting. TICK - TOCK... TICK - TOCK... TICK - TOCK.

  • The way I see it is if neither of you won't make the first move, then who will?

    I would say go tell him, but that's easier said than done especially if your mind is telling you not to.

  • I would say something on Facebook like "Hey, when school is over would you like to come over and talk more?" - that way, if he says no, you haven't lost any face. If he says yes, then he likes you and you will have a good summer holiday :)

  • Honestly Just do it! JUST ASK HIM OUTRIGHT!

    My female best friend asked me out I was over the moon.

    Otherwise it is going to do your head in forever!

  • With a sentence, made of words, made of syllables.

  • Much like the female best answer (but instead grade school), I faced a very similar situation and regret that I never said anything. It's literally been 10 years since then and I still regret not doing something, but I was too afraid. Well...I guess this time around when I run into her and I find ourselves in a awkward social situation I might as well do something about it and be the weird guy with a 10 year old fascination in her...because ya know, it totally weirder now that we are "adults" and I reveal a juvenile crush

  • get him alone and get your t*ts out... if that doesn't work he doesn't like you

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