Only a week left of school - how can I tell him I like him?

There's this guy in my class whom I've liked for about 6 months. We talk daily, but always when other people are around. I'm pretty sure he's interested in me too, and my friends also tell me he is. He'll sit down beside me, seek opportunities to talk to me or do assignments with me in class etc. He doesn't do this with any other girls. A couple of times he's messaged me on Facebook, but when I answer, he'll reply very short.

We're both very shy, and even though I really like him and I want us to be together, I can't bring myself to explicitly say anything, and he won't either. I've been doing my best to show him with body language, but I don't know if he gets it. My friends practically spilled the beans to him yesterday, against my will, you know, insinuating I have an interest in him in pretty obvious ways. He didn't seem to mind (I was quite flustered and didn't really catch his reaction) but there was no continuation. The thing is...there's only like a week left of school, and then we're leaving to take different classes and it breaks my heart knowing I'll probably never talk to him again.

Next week, however, there are lots of class activities we have planned, and also a party after the exam at a friend's house. I've sneakily managed to get into the same group as him for one of the things we're doing, which will hopefully get us some alone-time.

If it helps, I can add that he's from Germany, and I don't know if their relationship "traditions" are any different than here, in Sweden.

So my question is - from my explanation, does it seem like he likes me too? And; if I should tell him, how do I do it? I'm very shy when it comes to flirting.

Thank you in advance.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I faced a very similar situation to you in high sch and I can tell you that I have always regretted not asking him if he liked me. So I would suggest that it is easier to just ask him directly, cos you don't have much time and beating ard the bush will do no good. All the best :)