My friends says my boyfriend is ugly?

I have a new boyfriend, I showed his photo to my friends and I heard .. " he is ugly" " he isn't in my type," " what do you see in him" " you could get better boy why him? "" how can you like him"

And everyone comments like this. But he isn't ugly, I love the way he looks , he is just particular..

I don't like boys like Brad Pitt for example, and other boys that most girls like, I have very different taste..

But my friends commenting like this, this makes me really angry&sad and mad, what should I do in this situation ?


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  • How about you stop listening to your friends?Are they dating him? No. Are you dating him? Yes. Do they have any say in you choice? No! Furthermore, if they have such a problem with you dating him, just because they think he's unattractive, doesn't that kinda tell you that your friends are a bunch of shallow cunts? How about you stand up for yourself. Stand up for your boyfriend. They give you shit about your boyfriend, you just stand right up and say...

    "Look here, cunt! He's actually a pretty good guy, and you're tearing him apart because he's not your singular, narrowminded, shallow fucking view of what's handsome? Fuck you! Maybe I see something in him other than his looks. Ever think of that? And now you're here telling me to get somebody better just 'cause you don't like the way he looks? Seriously? Go fuck yourself! Do you even care about how you make me feel when you do that? Did you ever think about it? Clearly not. Some friend you are."

    I would love it if you stood up for yourself like that, but I don't think you will, and that's fine. But you do need to stand up for yourself and your boyfriend on some level, because this is clearly not going to end. I've been in relationships like this, where the friend was pulling this kinda fucking shit, and it just put strain on us. Don't let your friends do this to you. You don't have to answer to them. You don't have to put up with this. You don't have to listen to their shit.

    You like this guy? Date him. Their opinions shouldn't have to matter. Date him for you, not them. But still, you should tell them off. Your friends are a seriously a bunch of cunts. Sorry, but they really are.

    Best of luck.

    • He's crude but he has a solid point. You need to stand up to your so-called "friends".

    • So did you do anything about your problem?

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  • Your friends are simply more shallow than you when it comes to dating...if your friends keep pressuring you to not date a guy YOU like because THEY don't find him appealing,

    then you will need new friends.

  • F*ck your friends, they are just trying to make you miserable, because they are miserable.

    When two people get in a relationship, their relationship will always get challenged for some reason. Negativity from random people, disapproval from family members, ect..

  • Who cares what other people think. You're gonna be the one hanging out with him the only thing that matters is what's between the two of you. Ignore them once you're able to do this, you'll actually be able to enjoy a relationship, and him.

    I think a lot of people worry to much about little things then having fun in a relationship. And, that's what relationships are suppose to

  • she's so jellies of your boyfrend.

  • well if you really like this him, then you shouldn't worry about what your friends say about him. Question is, do they have a boyfriend. And if they don't, they're hating because they can't get a man.

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  • My friends says my boyfriend is ugly?

    In my opinion if you don't like it tell her or dump her as a friend.

    But my friends commenting like this, this makes me really angry&sad and mad, what should I do in this situation ?

    Probably tell them to stfu as well as acknowledge that your boyfriend is possibly ugly in mainstream view while you're not also considered ugly in mainstream view hence why your friends are questioning your tastes.

    Most likely if you were considered ugly and he was attractive in mainstream view he wouldn't have even gone for you going by how he's possibly ugly and chose a mainstream gal yet had he likely he'd be getting the same sh*t from his friends.

  • Who cared about what your friends think, just blow the bitches off. I wouldn't care if my friends thought my boyfriend is ugly, as long as he is amazing to me and I am attracted to him I would be happy.

  • if you like him don't blow him off for your friends. you will only be the one dating him not them.

  • it's your boyfriend, not hers

    if you like him then to hell with what they think

  • That is so incredibly rude. My friend said the same thing to me when I got with my boyfriend. I just thought it was so immature. I would just tell your friend that it's rude, and that you wouldn't say anything like that to her.

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