Should I let him go?

I met this dude online, before I met him he wanted to make sure I knew he wanted something serious, and he wanted something to last, and he was waiting for me. I met him, we hit it off wonderfully, and everything was going great. I left for a week on a backpack trip, came back and he immediately said, "too many things in my life are going on I can't get serious right now, but I don't want things to change."Everything changed, no holding hands, no sex, no cuddling, nothing." 4 days later, he just wanted to be friends, and that he loved hanging out with me and still wants to go places and see me. I said I needed time, a week later I started hanging out with him again. The man turned angry, he was telling me I was doing nothing right in my life, I needed to be sharper when I was around him. He even told me I couldn't be sad about this or he was going to get angrier." He told me If I was going to be his friend I had to hear him talk about other girls. He told me I couldn't be soft hearted anymore, and I needed to be forceful with people. Apparently his roommate thought I didn't say hi enough so he told me I should buy him something for my behavior. I spent MONEY on this man, he never had any of his own, I paid for a lot of dinners and concerts, and have been nothing but kind to him when he needed my help emotionally. If I called him about something in my day that was bothering me, he would say "I'm trying to take a nap right now so I can't deal with you." Should I even be his friend? Or try to be his friend? What is this guy doing? Am I wasting my time?


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  • he was telling me I was doing nothing right in my life, I needed to be sharper when I was around him.

    who in the hell does he think he is,he is basically telling you you are a pushover and you are proving it by trying to buy him..let this a**hole go,he is not worth your time or can you degrade yourself for anyones affection..find a real man,not a jigalow want to be


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  • Yes you should. Because if you're asking you're 99% there.

    Also, it's kind of funny that you ask, because why are you asking? You already know the answer. Just re-read it. He sounds worse than Hitler.


    • Maybe this is more of a "me" problem, I still care about him, I don't know how. Maybe this is due to insecurity? I don't know why this is so hard to let this go! I just want to help him, but I don't think I can!

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    • (: I guess you're right.

    • No, you are. I didn't do anything.

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  • yes, I think you should

  • yes, you are wasting your time.

  • yes, let him go. you can do better

  • Run for the hills girl! He is a a**hole. He is controlling and trying to run you like a robot. You deserve much better. Please never talk to him again and tell him to go to hell with his brother Hitler!

    • That seems to be the running trend, I really should. Thanks for your comment :)