Do the ugly girls ever get the hot boys for a bf?

I am not the prettiest girl in the world I am kind of fat not really I'm like 165lbs but any way is it possible I will get a boyfriend does the ugly girl ever get a hot boyfriend I have great personality I don't have to many friends but the friends I do have we are really close and they all look up to me

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  • Probably? But its not like your an ugly guy they have it worse. I know I am one, trust me you'll get a Boyfriend before my ugly mug will ever get a Girlfriend and I noticed your under 18? So you'll have plenty of opportunities to get a BF.

    • Thanks and you will get a girlfriend sometime don be hard on yourself you seem cool so ya again thanks for the advise

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    • I've been on the heavy side my whole life, but I always see more overweight single men then women?.

    • Idk why but like I have said more then once looks don't make the person the personality makes the person