Why did he seem like he likes me then ignore me?

Meet this guy who works at my local starbucks, about 2years ago, started off, just asking how I was, which I though was just part of the job. Then he progressed to asking how my day was/found that I was uni so would ask me about that/I would ask him back. Then we found out we have two TV shows in common so would always talk about that. Then he started to stare/gaze/smile at me for like 30-40secs at a time, then would sometimes turn to his male workmate/talk/laugh, then they would both stare back. I would sometimes stare back/smile Even went to the point of memorising my order and personal coming over and serving me and gave me free coffee passes. Everyone their is friendly but he seemed to be over friendly. even thought he liked me more than a friend at one stage. To cut a long story short he left a few weeks ago without even telling me, which I though was bit strange, when not like best friends but he has been serving/talking to me for about 2years so though he would of said... Show More