Do guys who have sisters differ to those who had brothers?

Are guys who grew up in a family with a sister better with girls than a guy who grew up with all brothers? I grew up with a family of a brother and my mom passed away when I was little so I just had my dad and my brother so it was all men. I seem to not connect with women too good and I have a friend who has a sister and he always has friends who are girls and girlfriends. I'm funny and cool around guys but I feel awkward around girls hence why I have no girl friends or a girlfriend. I was wondering if this has to do with having a sister in the family if a guy is better with girls or not because of that reason?


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  • It can go either way.

    A lot of guys who grew up around sisters are great at being friends with girls, but terrible at actually getting a girlfriend. All the guys who rant here about being nice and respectful and ignored for bad boys got most of their dating advice and 'how to treat women' from women in their family. They mentally noted down every complaint and figured if they were the opposite of that guy, they'd be the perfect man. Its not true.

    Unless your sisters tell you which guys they want to f***, you're getting very biased information from them.


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  • I think guys with sisters respect women more

    • Not true, but do they get along with women better as far as being nervous and stuff like that?

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  • Definitely, I have two sister and no brothers. It's kind of like seeing a girls perspective on life, relationships and stuff.

    You are usually taught to be sensitive to a woman's feelings and you know what things not to say, and are taught to respect them.

    But you can very much so be taught the same morals and values living with men, it's really the individual who raises you really.

    • you are taught to be sensitive to a 'womans' feelings-not 'peoples' feelings.

      what does it mean to be sensitive to a 'womans' feelings.. no one ever taught that to me or my brothers, so I'm curious.

    • It means hearing things that have hurt my mom and sister and people in general that have hurt them. They would tell me never to call a woman fat,ugly, or stupid and to treat them with respect.

      And yes I was also taught by my mother to treat everyone how I want to be treated, but that wasn't the question he asked.

    • Sister's* so they would always turn around and tell never to say those things and I saw first hand how much it can sting. Because people do not always show in public how badly something hurt them.

  • something tells me yes it might have an impact

  • I'm pretty sure it's different.

    I grew up with all brothers - I didn't have a clue that girls send out flirting signals until I read about it (I really, really, REALLY wish I had know about that much, much earlier)

  • Yeah definitely. I have three sisters and one is my best friend and I learned a lot about girls from her.