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I am sick of being DITCHED! Advice?

(Be for any of you say ditch her as a friend please understand it won't be easy for any her or me since we share the same small group of friends) I... Show More

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  • Well if you're not gonna ditch her then idk. She's not gonna change. She's a hater and doesn't really like you. You're supposed to cut squares out your circle but if you wanna keep her in your circle knowing her behavior, there really isn't much you can do. Keep excluding her and hang out with her less and less

  • Well she sounds completely immature ,if you can't ditch her you should just ignore her or first speak to her and tell her how you honestly feel but she really sounds so annoying and immature I don't know how you can deal with someone like that because I think she won't listen to you ,if you can't completely ditch her at least stop speaking to her and ignore her she seems like she is causing you so mud trouble and honestly I don't know what kind of reins acts that way ,she sounds like a frenzy and she is poisoning you with the way she acts and her jealousy I feel you I been there and I ditch that person be cause no good with come from someone who acts that way besides make your life miserable. Whatever you decide good luck I hope this issue gets resolved. :)

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