I am sick of being DITCHED! Advice?

(Be for any of you say ditch her as a friend please understand it won't be easy for any her or me since we share the same small group of friends) I never was the type of girl who loved to party. I was more of the quite type who just enjoyed going out with friends for coffee or to a movie. I was never the type to go clubbing or to a wild house party dressed in silly little outfits. However my friend for 11 years loves to party because then she can meet guys. Now normally I have no problem if she calls me telling me she got invited to a party, and can't chill that night however she LIES to me about going. She began to ditch me more after I made my own circle of friends at my job, and because I almost never include her because of the way she acts. Its embarrassing when I do bring her with me to see her throwing herself at the guy I like (when she knows I like him) or any other guy in the room. She talks loud, gets really wild, and says immature sh*t causing people to laugh at her. I was... Show More