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Why people are fake and how to deal with them..

So I'm sure many of you've come across people who were fake...like they are either really nice to you when you guys are alone and then act totally... Show More

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  • I limit my involvement with people like that.

    don't try to change 'em, don't try to make them see your point-of-view. just cut them from your life as much as you can.

    the best option is to not see them at all. but sometimes, you can't cut them from your life entirely ... such as with family, or a co-worker. so if you work with someone who's two-faced, remember that you should never trust them. limit the amount of time you talk to them. be polite, but not friendly, don't make small talk with them.

    ditto if family members are fake. limit your involvement as much as possible. my mom, for example, is an unreliable flake who's broken several important promises to me. I still love her, but I know I can never trust her with some things. so my relationship with her is a bit more distant than with my dad. I don't bitch and moan to dad about her; that'd be unfair to throw my problems on his shoulders. but I think that's a good example for how to deal with fake people in families.

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