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I like this guy that I'm friends with

I fell for this guy who I'm friends with & met over the summer. He is so great to talk to one on one but in a group he acts cocky. So tonight we went... Show More

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  • I would go for it and ask him.

  • OHHH no not these type of guys: the insecures

    RUN why?

    Relationship takes nurturing from both parties, but sometimes when both people or even just one person in the partnership has a lot of noise (emotional baggage, low self esteem, irrational self deprecation) can really ruin what could've been a great thing.

    I mean if you really like the guy then maybe try and give him a chance to improve himself..Just keep in mind you may be irritated often as months go by. Meh it could go anyway. A lot of guys can make a girl not feel too lonely, but don't you want a guy who makes you feel complete? I don't know the guy obviously...but the noise I talked about above really correlates to how he'll handle you and deal with arising healthy arguments..which can turn very sour. I personally don't think its a good idea because of what I value first.

    If he gives you a all you needs then yeah go for it

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