Guy has only girl friends, no guy friends?

Basically, this guy that I like has almost no guy friends but so many close girl friends. The thing is, I'm a girl with mostly guy friends so I... Show More

  • Vote A He might be gay/a player/other (move on)
  • Vote B It's perfectly 'normal' (don't worry about it)
  • Vote C Other/See answer

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  • That sounds like me. My closest friends are girls. There are guys that I know & maybe 2 that I may consider going somewhere with.

    I'm not gay, not that there's anything wrong with that.

    Funny thing is I HATE that thing that gave birth to me. I honestly don't think it has any bearing on me having more friends that are girls. One would think it might be the opposite & I wouldn't like them.

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    • No, nothing wrong with being gay at all. This question was more of a 'how do others view my chances of being a friend or more than a friend based on this fact'.

    • Oh,

      Their more friends. I need to be hit in the face to get the fact that she wants more.

      Send clearer signals?