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Is kissing on the cheek considered cheating?

I was at a party on my high school the other evening. I kissed one of my boyfriends friends which is also my friend, on the cheek, because we were... Show More

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  • There is no problem with it sweety. I do not why you are upset for this. Even no body bothers it. And am happy that even your boy friend does not have any issues with it. So, do not remember it and do not try to talk on this with your boy friend because it might be possible that at that he did not bother for that but now he can be irritated and may think you are getting into with his friends. Somewhat closer to other boy also. So, let it go like this, keep it as a funny moment came to your life. And just enjoy your friendship with good boy friend you already have.

What Guys Said 20

  • NOT cheating. My Girlfriend has kissed guys on the cheek in front of me - no big deal. That kind of kiss isn't sexual unless it's intentionally made that way.

  • Kissing a friend on the cheek is NOT cheating.

  • I really wouldn't find it terribly pleasing. If I knew you were just messing around with a friend, and not really meaning anything by it (being interested in him or whatever) I probably wouldn't really consider it cheating. Still wouldn't make me very happy though.

  • Would your boyfriend like you kissing another guy on the cheek?

    Once you decipher that, you have your answer.

  • no that's totally normal. if you went around and were kissing every guy at the party on the cheek, it might be a little weird, but it was a completely normal thing. don't be too nervous about it

  • not a problem as long as its just on the cheek don't worry

  • I hope not, I hate to think I cheated with my grandmother...

  • On depends on the people in the situation.

    There's always a feel for these things whether you know it's cheating or not.

    For example if it's a person you knew for a long time or someone you see as a brother/sister then it should be excusable.

  • Depends on the emotional implications. If you felt something, then yeah. If you felt bad, then yeah. If not, then no.

    plus, most people consider have sex to be cheating.

  • Usually depends on how its meant. If they get defensive about it or try to hide it or lie about it then there's probably something going on. If they do it right in front of you then it was definitely an innocent gesture

  • As a guy I definitely would not be too thrilled, but if it was a close friend of mine that a trust as well as the other circumstances that you supplied, I wouldn't think too negatively of it.

  • if you werent flirting with him its OK. especially that you were being all Spanish by that. but if I were him I would be a little disturbed knowing myself.anyway as guilty as you are feeling don't repeat it even when you do that Spanish thing again

  • The real fact is..Its based on how your boyfriend meaning that..if he meant that bad or cheating means it is so..if he don't feel bad and taking it as casual means it will not come under cheating..so check with your boyfriend's behavior and wats in his mind

  • It was definitely not cheating, even oral sex is not cheating !

    But if your boyfriend is upset then it was probably not a good idea.

    • I agree, a kiss on the cheek isn't cheating.

      But oral sex? I most definitely consider that cheating! If your girlfriend starts having oral sex with some guy, would you be okay with that? I think that is just as bad as sex, to be honest

    • oral sex is cheating.

  • If it's just the kind of person you are, don't worry about it so much. Your boyfriend seemed to see it as exactly what it was and wasn't offended, so don't you be bothered either.

  • Nahh, don't worry about it. Especially if it was in public, your boyfriend was about and it was just a joke I'm sure he'll be fine.

    If I were him and you were to tell me and say that you're afraid that I'm up sad about it, I would actually think that it's very adorable that you're worried about us when it's regarding something so small.

  • No.

    Sleeping with someone is cheating.

  • Not unless his cheek has a penis on it

  • If you feel bad about it then that should tell you something. If you did it and never thought about it again than it would of not been close to cheating. You see?

What Girls Said 3

  • I don't think so

  • It's absolutely normal. It's not cheating.

  • Cheating? No. Highly Inappropriate? Definitely.

    Unless it's a family member, a friend, a gay guy, or a child, there's no reason you should be kissing someone on the cheek while you are in a relatonship. I don't think any guys or girls should be kissing someone of the opposite sex on the cheek because it can be suggesstive.

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