My boyfriend's friend is spreading rumors about me for no reason.

My boyfriend's friend, Mark, never seems to dislike me when I see him in person. he is always really nice and says hi to me, but for some reason he seems to have a problem with me. I am a really good girlfriend and all of my boyfriend's other friends like me. But Mark is always calling him up... Show More

I should point out that my boyfriend won't let me confront Mark because Mark made me boyfriend promise that he didn't hear these rumors from him.

Most Helpful Guy

  • 1. One can tell a lot about a person by looking at his/her friends. Is Mark a good friend of your boyfriend ?

    2. Ask your boyfriend "Why are you tolerating Mark to spread rumors about me?", "What do you when Mark tells you these lies?" See HOW he answers these questions, look at his facial expressions, get the essence of his energy. This is a good opportunity to understand the kind of integrity your boyfriend has. I would not choose a friend who spreads rumors about anyone, be it my girlfriend or other friends.

    3. Ask yourself, "What kind of guy do I want ?" Make no compromise.

    4. The best way to deal with rumors is live your life as if they never exist.