A Guide For Clueless Shoppers (Apparel Edition)

100% Wool Coat for $350? *distraught face*

It’s 100% wool? It looks like it, feels like it. So it must be 100% wool. Because it says so? *let’s pause here*Nothing is really what it seems. If I asked you, when was the last time you looked at the tag “hidden” (let’s keep that word in mind) inside the clothing item, you would tell me never, Right? There is your problem. How do you know what your buying is 100% genuine? How do you know it’s really what it truly is? Wool in this instance.

This is my Guide to grabbing Bang For Your Buck, for those special one off big spending ventures *press play*

1. Don’t be afraid to have a thorough look at the clothing item in store.

Yes, I know how weird it would look to thoroughly check out a piece of clothing. But hey, you are spending a large about of dosh, you want to know what you buy is really worth the money you spend. Don’t be afraid to literally turn the clothing item inside out!

2. Check the Pricing.

It doesn’t hurt to have a look at the price tag while you are in the store. Mmm nice pair of pants, looks at price tag *horrified face* $60.00! It’s so thin and it looked good from a far! Argh well thank yourself for looking at the price tag. It doesn’t hurt to have a budget to spend on. As long as you stick to it, you have no problem.

$60.00 to you, $0 to the store.

3. Check the clothing tag.

I have no idea what you generally call them, but let’s just call them tags for now, and I’m talking about these bad boys:

A Guide For Clueless Shoppers (Apparel Edition)

So let’s pick on that tag. You picked up a nice wool coat. You did the first 2 steps, you gave it a big tick of approval. But does it really pass? Have a look at the tag. They are usually located where the BRAND LABEL is, or on the sides near the bottom of the item. Just have a little look. You see this

Instead of this

I know, I know. How absurd. 57% wool and junk for the rest. You were going to pay $350 for it. So realistically you were going to buy a $350 wool coat that only had 57% of wool in it.

4. Don’t be afraid to say no, and shop around. Have time when it comes to shopping.

If you aren’t happy with the quality of it, don’t be afraid to put it back on the rack. Money doesn’t grow on trees. Also don’t be afraid to shop around and have a look at other stores. You can apply these steps online too. Some online stores do provide a photo of the tag for convenience.

So my clueless shopper, you aren’t so clueless now. Shopping should be a fun experience. If you want to apply my guide when you buy something in that couple hundred dollar mark, have a go. Even for fun. Just think of me when you don’t see a 100% wool tag.

Don’t be tricked by a business. Shop smart, save money and have fun!

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  • Thank the lawdy Jeezus I now know how to make my way around the mall!


Most Helpful Girl

  • As soon as the price tag is over my budget, and as long as I can't shit money, I'm putting the expensive shit back and walking somewhere else

    • That's understandable. Having a budget and sticking to it sounds like a great idea. I know some people who walk in a shopping mall and say "I'm only going to buy something for $100 or whatever" to later go over budget by $70. Doesn't hurt to say "No thanks" so kudos to you.


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What Guys Said 7

  • Great take and well written liked it very much :)

    • Thank you : ) I found one spelling error : ( "About" instead of "Amount" of dosh. My OCD is going hay wire lol but it's ok. Thank you once again.

    • Pro tip: Never highlight the errors.

  • I like to use a similar approach when buying clothes : ) I'd rather put enough time in to trying to get a product I will really like instead of leaving on a hanger. I've often been patient. I bet a lot of people are pretty oblivious to fabric types.

    • I think some people know what certain fabrics feel like. Like some of there textures are very hard or easy to distinguish, which makes it a hassle to figure out what is what. I think if certain individuals know what fabric they like to buy frequently, it isn't really that hard to know what the texture is like from an imitated one.

    • I think some do have a great idea about which fabric they are touching, but it does seem like their are a lot of blends recently. I'm surprised how many t shirts are not just cotton anymore. New ones I've gotten seen to have some percentage of polyester. I guess it makes the shirt softer?

    • Polyester is the devil of all fabrics. It's basically in everything. The fibres are stronger, more durable, and easy to maintain, but synthetic polymers are made from esters of dihydric alcohol and terpthalic acid (which is pretty bad). It absorbs that harsh chemicals you use like, detergent, bleach, fabric softener and can stick on you.

      Ideally when buying clothes, look for natural fabrics like Cotton, Silk, Linen, Hemp, Wool and Cashmere.

  • I like this, I always complain about my clothes shrinking, I guess I should check the shirts tag underneath. Exactly which fabric shrinks the least?

    $60 bucks for pants is average for shops like Zara and H and M isn't it :). at least for men.

    • Any organic fabrics like Cotton, Silk, Linen, Hemp, Wool and Cashmere. Thy do have like a what to do and what not to do when it comes to cleaning them. Just keep an eye out for that.

      $60.00 for pants at Zara and H&M sounds pretty average. What material are they made out of?

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    • Oh I like them. Have you had a look at the material? http://i60.tinypic.com/vn2gee.jpg I found that : polyester is a its in everything. The lower the percentage the better. They have harsh chemicals in them and if they are on the skin, it's quite bad. They are really nice trousers though. It's like an off egg shell colour

  • The worst is buying a 100% cashmere shirt the putting it in your closet and moths eat holes into it.

    • Are you talking from experience? Ouchies

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    • I need to do more reading about fashion in the library because my waredrobe needs an upgrade.

    • I'm thinking of doing a "Must have in 2015" mytake for men and women (separately) If you would like to stay tune in for that. Something affordable for everyone. It may give you some ideas : )

  • Ok next time I will pick you before shopping. 😚😁😋

  • This was a great read. I fucking love shopping tbh <3

    • Thank you : )!! I'm glad you like my Mytake.
      Shopping is awesome!

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    • I love it! Probably bad to do it almost ALL THE TIME! lol but I need to update my wardrobe.

    • omg send me cute links please. I am actually gearing up to go into work Tuesday for first time ever in female persona since I came out & told my co workers I was trans. I am super excited but stressed too. I needa find an outfit that is professional but obviously slays too. I needa professional shoes too all the ones I have are either opened toe or look like I am on the prowl for dick lol. If u have any suggestions let me kno! <3

  • Shopping is fun... But only if it's for food. I hate clothes shopping

    • Food shopping is epic! Hmm i think I'll make a mytake for food lol thanks

What Girls Said 1

  • At some shops I've went into, the worker literally follow you around. It annoys the hell out of me and sometimes I'd get out of the shop because I find it uncomfortable to shop when someone is following you around.

    • The worker followed you around? Why do they do that? That's quite odd.

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    • That's understandable, you must have really nice, healthy skin? I only wear foundation on my cheeks, a bit on my forehead and nose. Mascara and a lippy or lipstick and off I am for work. That's pretty much what I wear mon-fri. I wear no make up on the weekends (no point really) lol
      I know what you mean. I was at a hardware store on Sunday, and this girl walked out of the car with her boyfriend. She was so freaking orange, it wasn't even funny. And she looked like she was going to spend a day at some clothes fashion show, it's like what the hell? I was there with no make up, hair messy, sweats and a tshirt. I couldn't stop freaking laughing.

    • My skin is not bad I could say, minus the acne, otherwise its pretty smooth. I see kids younger than me nowadays applying makeup like nobody's business lol it creeps me out