Aimee Mann- my post for the night

Aimee Mann- my post for the night

It's sad that the current media makes women believe they must be either pretty but not smart if they want to sing. Fiona Apple is beautiful but troubled. We have so many people out their shaking their asses to songs with no meaning. Beyonce is doing her thing to make a difference...I'd like to thank Aimee Mann for being an artist among artists. She is a musician often seen as that before a woman. She is beautiful but it doesn't get in the way of her professionalism and badassness as a musician with decades of awesomeness now in her 50's. She sings at the level of Carly Simon but not well known.

Thank you Aimee Mann for your genius, your voice and inspiring a generation with your sound. It is subtly amazing.

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  • No doubt, Aimee is awesome, much like Crissie Hynde. Both being a woman, activist, and artist to be reckoned with. My hat is off to both of them from their generation.


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