My experiences going topless at the beach, tips for those considering it

My experiences going topless at the beach, tips for those considering it.

Being from Europe , taking your top off at the beach is a moderately common past time. On this site though, not many members are open to the idea of it. I thought I would share my experiences of being topless on beaches in Europe and Australia.

As a teenager, around 15 years of age, I attempted going topless once on a beach but while I bared my breasts for a few minutes in their entireity, which was a not so impressive 34B cup, I felt rather naked so soon put my top back on.

When I completed high school, I went on an adventure to Australia, which consisted of a lot of hanging out at the beach. Not wanting to have too many tan lines and wearing triangle bikini tops, I initially I would just go topless laying on my front and put the top back on if I rolled over, but over time I got lazier and would just drape the top over my boobs. One day surounded by other topless girls, who were my age and in their 20s, I rolled over exposing my boobs and it felt fine. I think what helped was safety in numbers and that a lot of the other topless girls had much nicer boobs than mine. For the remainder of that trip, if other people were topless at a beach, then I would be too. I never noticed any unnecessary attention and while guys might have looked, it never seemed creepy.

Fast forward a few years and I am now a big fan of being topless at the beach. If we go on holidays to France, Croatia, Spain I will always go topless. At most beaches in continental Europe a number of people are always topless so I don't stick out at all.

While the US might be some years away from having topless tanning on all beaches, according to go being topless is not actually illegal in most states (see

Some things to consider if you do decide to take the plunge and take off your top on the beach:

- When laying down, boobs flatten out so it doesn't feel as sexual as when sitting up or walking around. To start with, take off your top when laying on your back and put it back on when laying on your back.

- Big boobs are more sexual than smaller ones. They may get more notice than an A/B/C cup.

- I still prefer safety in numbers. If going for the plunge for the first time, do it near some other topless girls.

Have you tried going topless before? If so, I would like to hear about other people's experiences.


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  • Nope, never have... Not that common where I live - Croatia.
    Where in Europe are you from?


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  • I understand that going topless at a beach is pretty common in Europe . I'm from America though, and while I'm sure there are topless beaches here, I wouldn't take my top off just because of how sexualized everything is here. I feel like everyone would be staring at my breasts and wanting to rape me basically.

    • Yeah. Lot of the men here in Ameirca (especially on the West Coast) are perverted.

    • Its not THAT common in Europe either. Its rare to find topless women on beaches and for girls younger than 30 its even more rare.

  • I would.
    I live in Australia though, and I have never seen anyone go topless at the beach before. What state did you visit?


    • Hi this was at Bondi Beach, Sydney.

    • Ah, okay that explains it.
      I heard they tend to go topless there (funnily enough I heard it from the show Modern Family)

      Yeah, I was hoping it was somewhere in Victoria but of course we're all too conservative here XD
      (plus it's probably not exactly legal in my specific state. Because you know, stuff having the same laws as the rest of the country)

    • I did actually go topless on some beaches on the Great Ocean Road too. We were the only ones I think but nobody cared.

  • I think it is not that common in Europe . I never did it and probably never will. I wouldn't feel comfortable at all and I also don't see the point.

    • As a guy I don't see the point either. One of my exes told me that she did that in Barcelona but im pretty sure she did to get attention. And i like tanlines i think they are very sexy.

  • If I was to answer this question 2 months ago, I would say NO due to my massive boobs. I would never. But today, I would say why not. Its only boobs. I would do it. If I saw people doing it, I would probably do it too. Nice all round tan. (funny how little things in life change you to see a bigger and better picture)

  • Always have been topless when and where appropriate. I am European and so find the whole US thing weird. It's just natural, comfortable.

  • I did it once, because the strong waves kept pushing my triangle bikini away. I don't think I'd do it anytime soon again, unless there are strong waves again (and topless women too).
    It's definitely easier when other women around you are topless too.

  • I go topless a lot. I live in America though and far away from any beaches. The first time was when I was 15 too... except I went full on nude and didn't care.

  • Yes!! My first time was in Italy I was 23 years old After that pretty much at any beach that allows you too or pool. I grew up in Los Angeles and our beaches you have to have your top on! I have very large breast so I'm always uncomfortable on the beach or pool but if I see other Women then I feel more comfortable!! I love getting a little light on the girls and my husband loves it also!!

  • I wouldn't do that. My boobs are just too large for that sorry. I understand that you're European, but I am American, and it's not too common over here.