5 Simple, Life-Improving Uses for Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is THE oil which i think everyone should use because its available easily and REALLY SAFE to use...and the best part is that it can be used for various purposes

Uses for coconut oil!

How can it be used?

1. To moisturize skin

2. To moisturize hair (it can be used as an oil mask that you can leave overnight, or simply as a daily hair oil)

3. As a scrub (the best idea is to use it with some sugar and also essential oils)

4. Used as a shaving cream

5. Use it for cooking

GAGers! how do you use coconut oil??

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Literally put this stuff on my skin every morning and every night. I use to have very bad and spotty skin, And, I would like to think my skin now, Whilst no incredible, Looks alrightish< And i attribute that largely to this magical paste. Haha.

    I avoid putting it im my hair though, It tends to make it look greasy. (Even though it isn't grease... just looks like it.).

    But yeah, This thing works wonders for controlling spots and stuff.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Will I don't use coconut oil! But I tried sammple produt with coonut oil and it sure makes your hair soft!


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What Guys Said 4

  • Coconut oil is the TRUTH!🙌 Also is fair game for a sexual lubricant, oddly enough, haha. I was surprised when I heard that, I actually thought they were joking, but it's apparently safe. Haven't tried it out, but I know of people who swear by it.

  • It's definitely excellent for cooking, but unfortunately, it's very expensive.

  • as an ingredient for massage oil of course.

  • I love to use it in cooking. Its finally getting to a point where it isn't so darn expensive.


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