Different Hairstyles for Women: 10 I Really Like, 10 I Don't

Hairstyles I dislike:

(in alphabetical order)

1) Afro Hair

10 Hairstyles I Dislike, And 10 Hairstyles I Like, In Women

I know it’s natural black hair, but to me it’s unattractive.

2) Buzz Cut

I really wonder why a woman would do a Buzz Cut, even if she is a lesbian. It’s not correct aesthetically. Not that it is nice in guys either...but in women it is absolutely unattractive.

3) Dreadlocks

The worst thing in this case is, that it takes a lot of time and effort to do dreadlocks. And as a result you end up looking unattractive.

4) Huge Bun

I understand an old woman doing this…but a young woman? Why she wants to look like a grandma?

5) Multiple Buns

One of the worst 90s fashions that I wish it won’t come back on surface again. Absolutely gross.

6) Pixie

Unlike Multiple Buns, this 90s horrendous trend came back on the surface. Blame Miley Cyrus for this.

7) Shaved From One Side

I’m waiting for the day for this trend to stop. Don’t understand why women choose to do it, but it’s absolutely disgusting. It looks totally asymmetric.

8. Spiky Hair

Especially when it’s coupled with glasses it is…simply a nightmare.

9) Two Ponytails

One Ponytail is nice, as I say below. But two ponytails make you look ridiculous and stupid.

10) Waist Length Hair

First of all, it’s hard to maintain so long hair. And secondly, it gives me a princess vibe, and personally I cannot stand princesses.

Hairstyles I like:

(In alphabetical order)

1) Beachy Waves

Yeah the looks of a woman when she is on the beach and has her hair wet! This is absolutely sexy, and if she is wet and oily giving an 100% beach vibe…even more!

2) Blunt Fringe

This style gives a very sexual vibe for some reason. One of the best styles to go, if you are dressed provocatively.

3) Braids (Depends)

As I said, depends. For example a side braid like this one in the picture can look sexy. A crown-like braid on the other hand, looks ridiculous.

4) Emo Fringe

Laugh as much as you want, but Emo fringes can look cute, without looking ridiculous.

5) Ombre

Preferably this length like the one in the picture. Also it’s suggested to have the darker shade on top, and not the other way round, and choose colors that match. Not Black on top and red on your shoulders for example.

6) Shaggy Layers

It takes some effort to do this…but it is worthwhile!

7) Side Curls

Do it ONLY if you are blonde. Better avoid it if you are a brunette or a redhead.

8. Single Ponytail

A plain hairstyle like this, can look very sexy. You don’t have to waste your time, and ending up looking ridiculous as a result.

9) Short Side-Part

This is for women in their 30s mostly. In women in their 20s it might not look so great and make them appear older, but in women in their 30s it’s awesome. Especially blonde.

10) U-Cut

At this length exactly, as you see in the picture, it is perfect in my opinion. And also this color.


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  • I love how many people are pissed off because someone dared to share their opinion 😂😅


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  • Very good Take... I also dislike 1, 2, 6, 5, 7 and 8, but I'm ok with Waist Length Hair, Dreadlocks and Two Ponytails. As for the Huge Bun, meh, you are right, it's more appropriate for grandmas :)
    But when it comes to the hairstyles you like, I agree 100% :D


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What Girls Said 35

  • wait >:( what's wrong with afro hair?
    and not all women with long hair act like "princesses" cause my hair is long and i act normal

  • A lot of the ones you listed - especially the beachy waves have waist length hair... So... confused.

    • She's on a hammock. That's why it seems like that.

  • Well I think my afro is cute as hell.


  • "First of all, it’s hard to maintain so long hair. And secondly, it gives me a princess vibe, and personally I cannot stand princesses."
    And no side curls for brown or red hair?
    You are so high maintenance.

    • Try Blunt or Emo Fringe if you have brown or red.

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    • How is it?

    • Really pretty, curly/wavy, bouncy, shiny, and healthy :) I love it

  • You think afros are ugly but consider emo hair cute? Lol... Sorry to say I don't trust your taste 😂

    • The fuckin' irony in your comment. 😑

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    • Emo hair is ugly. :P

    • @RainbowFanGirl I know right 😂 I razor cut my hair to look emo when I was younger and I deny that part of my life even occurred 😷

  • your sexuality doesn't affect your haircut ya kno, and no one really cares about an anonymous man's opinion on women's hair lol

    • This comment shows that you reek of insecurity...

    • @BlazeRider_ good one? lol, just because it's clear no one's attracted to judgmental assholes. It's a bit strange to make a list of things you are and aren't attracted to, when no one really gives a shit because they're annon. And I'm not insecure, because nothing in the list triggered me but I'm not ignorant so I know that your hairstyle doesn't decipher your sexuality or personality. I'm just saying that the list is shallow, and pointless

  • This why a lot black women don't even like their own hair and try to copy Caucasian hair.. what's so unattractive about our hair? Even a lot black men don't like the hair they give black women.. sigh..

  • Afro hair? That's what my hair looks like when it isn't straightened. So I should change what is natural to fit your preferences? 😶

    Personally I think it's gorgeous and unique.

  • Dafuk? I'm gonna have to disagree with you afro hair is gorgeous and waist length hair is also greattttttt that's how long my hair is lol.

  • when you said you like emo fringe... it shows you have bad taste

    • hallelujah

    • Right? that hairstyle is for white teen girls who thinks their life is hard. Or trying to be emo when they are not.

  • The first one is Afro Hair.
    I am not killing off my hair cells for your beauty standards.

  • I can mostly agree with your list on both sides except that some afros are gorgeous! I like seeing women taking pride in their natural beauty like that. Two side ponytails can be pretty too but it usually goes with kawai fashion. Some girls rock a cute nerd look with it too. To me, waist-length hair is spiritual and I can't help but admire it when I see it. I would be proud to have it myself. I am a woman, so these hairstyles may mean different things to us.

  • So basically you like plain white women hair lol

    • wow, you just had to bring in the race card smh

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    • @colourz It's not and the fact that you think that just goes to show you really have no idea what you're talking about. You're dismissed.

    • And what's the problem with him liking "white women" hair?

  • No... Dreads are so cute.

  • Beauty is subjective, I find a lot of those hairstyles you listed as unattractive to be gorgeous. And women don't actually do their hair to please men, they do what they find fun or pretty, so your opinion doesn't really matter.

  • wtf is this disgusting shit?

  • Damage your hair to not have your natural hair cause it isn't attractive apparently. Hair falls out over time and eventually your into weaves and wigs and you're criticized for wearing them. GG beauty standards.

  • Baby girls why are you all getting sprung, he just said his preferences, its cool to have preferences, if you are not what he likes then move on, commenting won't get him to like it and you can't force him either, so just let it go, like what you want to like, dislike what you want to dislike, its a free world... But if you ever tell a girl with an afro to straighten it i will straight up murder you... Okay? Okay! Lets now move on.

  • I'm not wild about buzz cuts or the shaved side thing either, personally. I don't even really care for buzz cuts on most guys.
    For me, I don't like any hair accessories or styles like ponytails, buns, etc. It just doesn't look right on me in my opinion and they also give me headaches.
    I'm not very fond of the ombre look, although I have an unintentional one going on right now. Mine is from having not dyed my hair in over a year, which is what ombre looks like to me, and it also looks like the bottom part of the hair is just dead, which mine also is at the moment.
    I'm not fond of dreadlocks either. They just look matted and dirty to me, although I know the people who wear them usually make sure they're clean. I've seen some with dandruff entangled in them and I found that kind of gross though.
    I think the pixie was still in style to a point between the '90s and Miley Cyrus.
    I used to have a U-shaped haircut with layers, but I haven't had an actual haircut in close to 3 years, so it's grown out and I'm not even sure what the best way to describe it is right now. It really needs to be cut again though.
    Interesting take!

    • I'm not a huge fan of the beach wave look myself either, and I agree that waist length hair would be a lot to maintain. Mine wasn't quite to that length yet when I got tired of it and cut it.

  • I like dreadlocks and shaved from one side.

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  • If a girl has Waist Length Hair, I'm 20% more inclined to marry her.
    Two Ponytails is okay and afrohair looks good on black women.
    I don't like curly hair unless the girl is black.
    Everyone has ones own preferences :)

    • you dont like curly hair unless the girl is black? lol what about 2b-3a curls? many mixed, Hispanic people have that

  • I like it when her hair touches the sidewalk. Got a free jolly rancher out of it the other day. Score.

  • I agree with all of these, except for your dislikes of "shaved on one side" (it's extremely sexy), and long to the waist.

    I don't agree with some of your explanations though, I do think brunettes and redheads can have side curls.

  • I like the afro, buzzcut, dreadlocks, shaved on one side, single pony tail, two pony tails aka pig tails,

  • love the shaved on the side, the afro , and its like most of the cuts you talked about depends on the girl not every girl looks bad on the same cut..

  • i like Beachy waves and Emo fringe. Yes I agree it cam look amazing if done right but most don't.

  • the emo fringe cut is disgusting

  • So much butthurt in the females' comments...

  • So specific - My tastes would be a mixture - I would probably pick a top 10 with 5 from both sets actually I might favour your don't like a bit more.

  • 8 from dislikes looks like goku from dragomball z.

  • I don't really think men understand the diffirence.

  • Shaggy hair looks dumb and also pixie cuts are cute and was it length hair is sexy.

    And ALL of these depends on the face.

    But otherwise I agree

  • you forgot the mohawk! D: shame on you!

  • TL;DR You like hair but not too long

  • That woman with the buzz cut looks good tho.

  • nobody cares