15 Attractive Male Physical Traits and Fashion Choices

This is a personal list of the things I find physically attractive in a man and I hope it won't offend anyone :)

P.S: I obviously don't need all of these traits to be attracted to a man. I don't even think I ever met any guy with all these traits.

1. Thick, long and dark eyelashes

They give a mysterious look.

2. Beauty Marks

Especially on the neck😍❀️, on the stomach etc and some on the face (the picture is a bit too much).

3. Nice shiny soft fluffy hair

4. Sexy lips

Kinda full, but not feminine.πŸ’œ

5. Dark eyebrows

I hate plucked (or over plucked) feminine eyebrows! But dark expressive eyebrows are 😍

6. Deep flirty, confident tone of Voice

Not deep to the point of sounding as if he's constantly throwing up but a man can easily make me attracted to him by the way he sounds🌹

7. Suits

8. Leather jackets

9. Wearing black plain T-shirts

10. Facial hair

Always had a deep attraction for facial hair on menπŸ˜˜πŸ’™

11. Big Hands

I love it how a man's hand is bigger and we can see their tendons better (they are protruding).

And when they wear a nice watch 😍 It just draws more attention to his sexy hands!

12. Adam's Apple.

This one is kind of random, but I love things that men have and I don't. I'm attracted to our differences.

13. Impeccable Hygiene

This one is obvious. I want him to smell nice, take regular showers, have clean nails, clean clothes etc.

14. Black shirts.

What can I say, guys look amazing in black <3

15. Muscles

A decent, yet not overwhelming amount of muscles is always appreciated!

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