Girls--Style Advice to Maximize Your Looks!

I know, I'm a guy, and writing a fashion take. It's pretty sad I feel that there's a need for this. Below, a few simple things that sooo many girls ignore, either through ignorance or attitude problems. Simple things that will ensure you're maximizing your looks.

1. Skin/Makeup

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Girls, we men know most of you don't have perfect skin. How? Because you're human and so are we, and everyone has skin issues now and then. I'm 25 and I still get acne, though not nearly as bad as when I was 17.

I know, you feel like all guys are saying girls should have perfect skin, wear makeup, and not look like they have makeup on. I was on an okcupid date with a girl who had looked pretty cute... then in person, her skin didn't look like human skin. Why? Because she had so much makeup on that when I looked closely, her skin looked a little bit like the texture of a marshmallow. To boot, she had enough lipstick on that she left a huge mark when she took a sip of her drink. Not only was it not attractive, but do you think your typical, non-makeup-wearing man wants to get strange gunk all over his own face by kissing so much makeup and lipstick? Especially if you have facial hair, your face might as well be a brush for her powders.

If you want to wear makeup, okay. Try keeping it light enough that your skin looks like regular human skin. Here's a thought--what if you take care of your health, and keep it light? And what if removing powders and chemicals from your face helps your skin become healthier?

2. Hair

Ladies, I know you want variety sometimes, or you want an easier time getting ready in the morning, or your girlfriends are going "Ooohh you'd look so cute with a pixie cut!"

Guess what... your girlfriends are lying to you. Yup. That's right. Lying. To the vast majority of men, long hair is insanely sexy compared to short. Look at Jennifer Lawrence, who has literally graced a fair number of fashion magazine covers and who is something of a sex icon. Long hair in a natural color. I know right now more than a few women are going "well I don't care! I choose my style for myself not for men!" Hmmkay. Have fun. Because the fact of life is--it doesn't matter if you love long or short hair if you want attention from men. It's like how it doesn't really matter if I think clean shaven is hotter than facial hair--women decide that. Likewise, the vast majority of men find long hair far more attractive than short. It's little like sprinkling catnip on yourself when you have your hair long--shoulder length is very nice. If you don't make it longer than about nipple length on yourself, you should be within the positive length for most men.

3. Glasses. Why?

Ladies... if you need glasses to read, well, you gotta have reading glasses. if you need glasses due to being nearsighted, why not get contacts? Let the natural beauty of your face shine through? If you *really* for some reason can't handle soft contact lenses (which are very easy to wear, I only wear soft contacts and no hard contacts) and lasik is not your cup of tea, how about not going heavy with the glasses?

You're baffled, I know. But think about it. if you put much bigger glasses on your face... you are not just putting plastic and glass on your face, you are putting a large amount. Glasses will basically never make you prettier. (unless you're really ugly.) Why? Because glass and plastic are not as attractive as your face and eyes and nose and skin. Glasses detract from that.

4. Fitness

Of course, the last thing is fitness. I know it can be tough, and no, I'm not expecting you to have washboard abs or look like Kyra Gracie.

Flip side is that you DO in fact have time to run/jog during the week and yes you CAN eat healthy. No, you don't have to look amazing. Also remember your habits build up with who you are--things don't magically appear in a week and you're a hippo. Let me put it like this. Horrible result of long term damage and bad habits=

You don't have to live on a jogging trail to look good. In this pic Selena Gomez isn't in amazing perfect condition, but she would still have no problem getting dates with fairly attractive men (fame aside.)


There you go ladies. Some common sense tips that far too many women are either ignoring on purpose or just... missing common sense? Do these things and you'll both be happier with what you see in the mirror and in life.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Oh my god. Don't cut your own hair or read glasses or wear makeup but definitely wear enough makeup to cover your imperfections? This is horrendous. Maximise your looks for YOU. I know loads of blokes who like short hair. And loads of blokes who like bigger girls. This is your particular tastes and nobody else's

    • Actually I didn't say wear enough to cover imperfections. Congrats! You can't read.

Most Helpful Guy

  • yeah like they're going to take advice from a man


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  • Thank you for writing this!

  • Read it.
    Loved it.

  • Ffs when will men learn that not everything revolves around their opinions. Women will keep cutting their hair and wearing glasses, you'll just have to deal with it hon.

    • I can say the exact same about girls complaining they get pumped and dumped or guys are jerks. But sarcastic remarks solve nothing, do they?

    • I wasn't being sarcastic, I was being blunt.

    • And when did I say that girls saying all guys are jerks ISN'T annoying as fuck as well?

  • thank u for sharing

  • Good advice. For some reason your Take is not controversial this time.

  • I agree with everthing except the glasses thing. I think I look better with glasses, as well as smarter and more mature. Contacts make my eyes go read, and they require much more care.

    • I would say girls only look better with glasses if thwy are unattractive enough that glass/plastic hising their face improves their looks.

    • Sou you saying I'm ugly? :D

  • i always wanted to be Harley Quinn for Halloween but my parents said ''NO'' gosh i hate it

  • This is bullshit. Girls don't get ready and look cute for men. They don't give a shit about men's opinions of them. I don't care what hairstyle you like. I LIKE IT
    Girls, don't worry about a mans opinion. You do you

  • Many girls and women look way better with short hair - and I guess that would be maximizing their looks.
    Whether the majority of the male population find it attractive or not is a different topic.

    • They look better in what way? And unless said women are lesbians... Why does female opinion on short hair matter? Thats like me saying a certain mens fashion style looks great. doesn't really matter.

    • What doesn't matter is some random man I don't even care to attract having any say on how I should wear or cut my hair just because I'm a girl.
      It would be great if you actually wore what you like rather than what most females like, lol.
      I guess that's one difference between men and women.

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