Which Hair Color Is Most Attractive?

Hair color is one of the most distinguishing aspects of a female's appearance. If you ask men, most will have a preference as to which they think is most attractive.

Personally, I think that brunettes are the most attractive granted other factors such as skin tone play a part, too. For me this relates to experience. The brunette girls I know are simply more fun. They enjoy doing outdoor activities, sports, going to a movie, among a bunch of other things. So technically it is not the hair color itself, but what personality I associate with each hair color.

Hair color is not a main criterion of attractiveness for me. A girl's complete physical appearance and her personality are much more important.

"Going back to Marilyn Monroe, and maybe even further, there has been this portrayal of blondes as extremely attractive women"

While this does not apply to me, there appears to be a general consensus that men prefer blondes. A lot of this has to do with the perception and portrayal of blondes.

Everyone has heard the saying "dumb blonde." This notion may appeal to certain guys because they think if they get a blonde girl they can get her to do more of what they want. Yes, this is a pathetic notion, but many stereotypes are. Also there is the saying: "blondes have more fun," and although likely false, the saying still exists. Furthermore, in the media there is the portrayal of the blonde bombshell. So the notion of blondes being the most desired women type is everywhere.

"A girl's complete physical appearance and her personality are much more important than just the hair color."

Going back to Marilyn Monroe, and maybe even further, there has been this portrayal of blondes as extremely attractive women. There is a desire to look like Barbie, which entails a small waist, large breasts, and perhaps most importantly long blonde hair. Due to the perception and portrayal of blondes, there is a belief that they are preferred by men. Whether this is true or not remains a question, but the belief is certainly out there. And in this context, I am a non-believer.

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What Girls Said 11

  • I've always resisted the temptation to go blond - proud to be a brunette :)

  • I'm blond, dirty blond. A natural one, too. I hate the stereotype "dumb blonde," it just bugs me when people call me that when I start to trip over my words. I dyed my hair a bunch of different colors because of that reason. Blonds shouldn't be critized because of that stereotype. Most blonds will be offended if you say they want to look like Barbie. Honestly, does hair color even matter? You shouldn't love the girl because of hair color. Like come on! People have become so shallow.

  • @ objectivetruth

    What studies? I'm interested because I had Strawberry Blond in my youth and now the hair is a more reddish-brown or "chestnut blonde" / "high chestnut" color (according to hair coloring sites, some even call it 'dark blonde') . Males of all ages have always commented on my hair and I have never understood why. For the past 20-some years, in my eyes it's been just 'brown'. Since my 13th year, occasionally people have even asked if I dye it ?! Why the love?


  • um you forgot the redheads? :(

  • So there are only two hair colors in existence according to this article. You totally omitted the red and black spectrums!

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What Guys Said 8

  • I've met attractive blondes ( dated three, married one) hot and dark brunettes (dated two) and breath taking gingers (that one on the nude beach looked as if she was on fire: just pure nature, untrimmed, not shaved either, all other girls became just invisible when she arrived)

    Personally, I don't like auburn, but that's just me.

  • I like red heads. The color is rich and pleasant to look at

  • black and very dark hair is by far the most beautiful

  • Although hair color isn't the deciding factor, for me, to choose which woman I want to approach I still choose brown haired brunettes as the favoring color on a women's hair. I'll chose black haired brunettes as my second place, following brownish red, redheads, dark blond and my least favorite bleach blond (that almost white color).

  • Red heads by far. Gingers are hot!

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