Style Tips for Having a Stylish Pregnancy

Being preggers can sometimes put a crimp in your style, depending on how much weight you gain and where you never know what you'll be able to fit into. Every pregnancy is different and it may make you feel less sexy you don't have to look less sexier. Keeping your style intact is something a lot of women are able to do - here are just a few shots of some pretty pregnancies.

-Don't get rid of your jeans! I think pregnant or not having a great pair of fitting jeans will always go with everything you got whether it's a fun t-shirt or a lacy top.

Style Tips for Having a Stylish Pregnancy

-Wearing a beautiful long draping dress or silky oversized shirt will make you fee comfortable and classy.

-You can wear figure hugging silouettes once your belly pops that hugs your new cures in all the right ways. Don't be shy to show off those legs too!

-Long comfy casual dresses, cotton and hippie chic looks great on preggy bods.

-Caftans, beaded dresses with detail that enhances your curves and layering is a nice way to put together different textures and not be all about your belly.

-A fun jacket that you can wear after, is one that can be added to a dress or even a comfy sweater thrown over a favourite tee and a skirt is a great way to dress your bump.

The best part of it all ladies, outside the aches and pains, is that you get to papmer yourself and buy almost a new wardrobe!

What did you wear or buy that's an essential?


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  • This article would be really helpful for me after 6-7 years.


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  • These are all great ideas :)

    However, when/if I am ever pregnant, I feel like style will probably be the last thing on my mind. Lol I'm sure I will be more focused on comfort than anything else, which isn't much different than how I am now, honestly. haha!


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  • Trés jolie :-) If I ever get pregnant I will wear something like these.

  • Well when you have that kind of money of course you can.