Lane Bryant Vs. Victoria's Secret: ImNoAngel Is Bigger & Better

Lane Bryant Vs. Victoria's Secret: #ImNoAngel Is Bigger & Better

Photo Source: Lane Bryant

I previously introduced you to Ashley Graham when I wrote about her becoming the FIRST plus-size model to be featured in the iconic Sports Illustrated - Swimsuit Issue. Now, she along with models: Marquita Pring, Candice Huffine, Victoria Lee, Justine Legault, and Elly Mayday have all stripped down to their bras and panties to declare that "sexy" has multiple defintions and that they are "no angels" in the new Lane Bryant ImNoAngel campaign video for the lingerie line Cacique.

The brand states that "The Lane Bryant ImNoAngel initiative celebrates women of all shapes and sizes by redefining society's traditional notion of sexy with a powerful core message: ALL women are sexy."

The ImNoAngel campaign is not only challenging conventional beauty standards but also calling out Victoria's Secret and their infamous angels!

Watch Ashley Graham and friends as they turn heads in the 30 second Lane Bryant ImNoAngel commercial below!

With all of the social media buzz onlline surrounding the ImNoAngel campaign, how do you define sexy? Both women with and without curves can be sexy - what is important is how you work with what you got, CONFIDENCE!


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  • That's a faliciy. Women don't decide what's sexy for a woman.

    Why? Because aside from the tiny percent of often quite manly and hideous lesbians you meet on the street, women want to date and sleep with MEN.

    Hence, we decide what is sexy. It's like how movie production companies can't decide what's a box office smash. They can declare a movie is art, and awesome, but the choice is up to the audience to decide if the movie will make a profit or not.

    Likewise, fat women can declare that being overweight is sexy. It's meaningless, the vain protests of a mewling quim. We men decide what's sexy.

    For instance, this study of over 60k people, 80% men, found that both men and women find a slim, Taylor Swift type body more attractive for a woman than Kim K. The media trumphets about kim K, plus size women, and "all about that bass" but it doesn't mean shit.

    At the end of the day, we men like what we like, and fatties claiming we should like them won't change it.


    doesn't beat this

    no matter how loudly overweight women scream and cry and wish to change it.

    • Unless of course you are me or guys like me screaming for years in the wilderness. The first woman you portray is far , far, far my preference and always has been. It's not just the women that are frustrated here, when other vocal assholes presume to speak for my tastes.

      These women do not need to be found to be sexy by everyone. But they most certainly are found sexy by enough of us. If it does not apply to you simply move along, don't be rude, and keep your insulting and retrograde ideas to youself.

      I just don't F**king understand the mentality of people like you.

      If we were talking about hair color, you would allow for all preferences, but when it comes to bodyfat, then you are the supreme ruler of the land and the large women and men who like them need to apparently keep quiet and keep to our place.

      On this subject for sure, a rational male you are not!

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    • @Taywallee16

      Your lack of anything to say doesn't surprise me... when you can't rebut what someone says with any intelligent argument, insults are all that's left.

      However, perhaps I can rephrase to help you understand.

      I'm sure a notable chunk of women out there prefer to date down... I've seen it happen. Good looking women dating men with no real job prospects, who are often also not good looking and overweight. Let's say 15% of women like men like that, just for example.

      If 50% of men were suddenly like that--fat slobs working grunt jobs with no career goals, and people were suddenly pushing that that should be celebrated, don't you think lots of women would be upset?

      "Hey, you might like dating fat slobs making poverty wage, but I want a fit guy with career aspirations! Don't encourage more men to be fat slobs! Encourage them to get fit and obtain good jobs that make a decent wage! We are repulsed by fat slobs working poverty wage jobs, they're not sexy!"

      See the point?

    • ... To your last comment, my husband was fairly chubby when I started dating him, and he didn't have a job... I loved him just the same. Now he does have a job, and we both lost a lot of weight (he lost weight since we got married because of all the you-know-what, I've just been eating healthier) but he has always been the one for me. Just because you've only met materialistic bitches who judged you by the way you look and how much money you have in your bank account doesn't mean all women want a rich guy with a plastic six-pack body. I'd rather cook for a guy with a healthy appetite than a guy who constantly thinks he's gonna get fat and ugly.

  • My question to women: what do I do If I'm just not attracted to them?

    No, I don't insult them, I don't ridicule them, I don't mistreat them. I can be friendly, I can be very friendly even... but I'm just not attracted. What is the female response to this? Am I bad? Should I change? Or what? Because I don't get the point behind these campaigns.

    • They may not be attractive to you but they will be attractive to other people. This campaign isn't supposed to force you to change, it's just about acceptance and encouraging people with bodies that don't fit in with the hollywood/model norm, to love themselves.

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    • Sorry, wasn't finished

      Those ImNoAngel girls are slightly chubby, but they still have that curvy figure. And you're saying you'd prefer an anorexic girl over someone like Ashley Graham, just because she has a little extra fat on her tummy?

      So when there's a little extra fat, you'd prefer to abandon curvy and go for very petite and underweight?

    • @DaveyYourFavey don't get me wrong. "Abandon curvy" was not my intention. More like - if I'm in a situation where I have the chance to choose between an anorexic girl and a ImNoAngel girl, I'd choose the anorexic one, but in any other situation, the ImNoAngel girl would be a pretty good choice.

  • I think it's great to have models that aren't all skinny, as long as they aren't overweight, I'm ok with it. Just like I'm not for underweight models, I'm not in favor of overweight models either.
    We can't say ALL women are sexy, because that is like saying "Hey, you can starve yourself/be obese if you want, you'll still be sexy". Sexy is a woman that's healthy, she may be skinny, or chubby, but still healthy. That's sexy for me.

  • Naa, give me the Angels. ;) <3

  • Those women aren't attractive to me.

    • I hate how so many women disliked this post because just as equally the find short men unattractive

  • I'm Sorry to say this... but women would not look like that if they were healthy. God's honest truth. Even if they are eating nothing bUT apples and greens... they are either eating wayyyyyyy toany of them or they just do not work out enough. Either way, the evidence is that they are not in shape which is proof that they are not healthy.

    Now here's what I will say that will be the convincing factor... if all of these women were to get into tip top shape by really eating healthy and working out, they would be knockouts! They have beautiful features, and it's ashame that they let it go to waste.

  • If a chick is fat but has a super pretty face and is into sex, she's got game.

  • I'd like to see a commercial pander to the typical American woman: Size 14 waist, 34DD (I still cannot believe that is the average...) bra size, 5'5" in height, or thereabouts.

  • I hate that these campaigns try to define sexy and shove it down your throat, when sexy is about what the individual thinks. Personally I think that's unhealthy. Ill keep my "traditional" values on whats sexy, thank you.

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    • Also things such a symmetrical face and long hair signal health and good genes. Te hourglass shape and large breasts signal fertility and ability to nuture. Many of our beauty standards are influenced by evolutionary pyschology.

    • Popular and Traditional are not the same, your idae of sexy is not traditional, you have no claim to that.

  • Oh my God just give me your bodies cause...

  • I hate that this has to be a thing.
    that a brand has to be set up in order to allow peeps of all sizes to feel sexy just being themselves... and not in the ever changing public opinion of "attractive"

    if you feel sexy
    and you're not damaging your health.

    Then you're perfect!

  • i think women who have natural beauty like these beautiful sexy women they are in fact the definition of sexy #betruebeyou #ImNoAngel

    • Pay more attention. They are representing themselves and not all women. They are Ll the same size and all have skinny faces. All of these women look like they were once skinny but let themselves go a bit. You are right to help women feel accepted but do t promote these girls.

  • Just the fact that I know I'll get hate for having a preference is sad. I actually tend to like girls a couple pounds overweight but whatever body shape these women have is just unattractive, they must be like 15+ pounds OW. Plus they're faces aren't the greatest either, and I'm generally not a fussy guy. I don't see male modelling companies hiring average looking guys short guys, or scrawny tall dudes, and you know if there were short models girls would be like "eww". So many double standards.

    • I highly doubt women are repulsed by short guys as much as you guys are repulsed by "overweight" women. No woman I know would say "eww" if short male models were used for campaigns. Al Pacino isn't that tall, Tom Cruise isn't male model-tall, yet girls used to (and still) go wild over those men. I don't see guys going wild over overweight women though. Guys are by far pickier than girls.

    • Many of the male models are scrawny.

  • I am definitely a fan of bigger is better!

    I will take Lane Bryant over Victoria Secrets every day.

    Big makes me so horny and the Lane Bryant picture of all those beautiful women is amazing!


    this is how retarded you and all this fat acceptance or curvy euphemism movement sound to us normal men who aren't chubby chasers and don't have a bbw fetish.

    • You do know that curvy does not mean fat?

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    • LMAO! This is so perfect. I love this lol so good.


    • The only one sounding retarded is the fool who missed the point of people feeling ashamed of themselves. Why dont we put YOUR ugly ass up there and see how you feel with zero support?

  • There is nothing remotely 'unhealthy' about these women. The fact that they aren't gym freaks with 2% body fat does not make them 'unhealthy'. They are not obese, they have a healthy amount of body fat.

    In fact I'd go as far as to say the women in that video are fricking gorgeous.

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    • Uh huh...

      I was being facecios with the 2% line but I don't know where the hell your numbers are coming from.

      The World Health Organisation says 21-33% is a healthy body fat percentage for wonen aged 20-40.

      Your 'bigger girl' has a body fat percentage typical of competitive female athletes, whilst your 'skinny girl' would be experiencing serious health problems.

      You can't tell body fat % by looking, but the NHS recommends women keep their waist below 32 inches to avoid increased risk, and none of these girls has a waist that big.

    • WTF fat acceptance advocates i tell ya.. so delusional.

      They are fat, period. They should take care of themselves before it's too late and their self-abuse catches up (i. e. failing organs, heart disease, etc.).

      Why try to hide this simple truth?

  • I think the same thing should apply to men. All men can't have time to be fit or 6 feet tall..

    • I agree with you and a man shouldn't be cold hard plastic to be attractive. That's what those "six-packs" look to me, just plastic. I don't care for that look or that feeling. Not nice to rest your head against. I'd say the gym is the most unnatural thing to do, forcing your body like that. You look perfectly fine just the way you are.
      PS: you look like my husband. He gets a lot of attention from girls all the time.

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    • There are commercials showing heavier men in sexy poses.

    • @RationalLioness I've seen it! And I honestly think it's a good step towards the acceptance towards the fact that everyone is beautiful the way they are

  • "Honey have you seen all this"?

    I am like ya that's the reason i am watching the video... Damnnn those boobs... SEXY!!😈😈😁

  • It looks like lane bryant wants to make some money selling clothes to plus size women. That's mainly why they created that commercial which led to this discussion. We all have our different opinions on beauty for various reasons but I wouldn't call VS angels not curvy. I believe they all have thin waists with fairly larger hips.

  • These are the type of women who could easily lose weight and look super sexy if they just put the work in. Women often delude themselves by stating that if they have confidence and find their own bodies sexy, men will find them sexy as well. No, these bodies are not sexy, I don't see arousing curves, just a load of fat most probably gained during pregnancy. Promoting this unhealthy lifestyle is just as bad as promoting the anorexic body type. Women, if you want to achieve the desired body type you just have to go to the gym and drop the junk food, that simple. Excuses won't make you look sexy.

    • Maybe not everyones purpose of life is to be a gym freak, and achieve what you think is "the perfect body". They are trying to break up with the perfect body ideal, by saying everyone have the right not to be ashamed of how they look.

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  • All you people posting anonymously need to wo (man) up and show yourself! If you can talk shit about someone's body then you can let people respond knowing who you are.

    Just to make it clear to everyone
    Being "Fat" or "Overweight" doesn't equal unhealthy.
    The same goes for most of the VS models or fashion models in general who by medical standards are "underweight" aren't unhealthy.

    I was underweight most of my life yet I ate a ton of food. Even though I was super skinny, I surely wasn't fit. The only reason I gained weight was from exercising. Anyways, I guarantee you that some of these women are a lot fitter then some of the skinny "healthy" girls you like. & I'm not bashing small people either because I'm on the smaller end, but humans come in all shapes and sizes that don't necessarily determine health, so please excuse your uneducated selves.
    These women aren't morbidly obese. If you have a preference for skinny or more slender girls then that's fine, but to say a woman looks disgusting and is obviously unheathy just because she is bigger than what is appealing to your eye is absolutely shameful!
    Concerning the topic:

    First off, you should never shame anyone regardless of how they look because they are confident in their own skin. Being confident with who they are doesn't mean you can't "better" themselves either, but your shitty remarks aren't promoting "good health"; they are promoting self hate amongst people who don't fit your standards.

    Second, these women aren't selling their bodies or promoting obesity, being unhealthy, or doing a "disservice" to big people. They are models for a reason, just like VS models. They are here to promote clothing/lingerie. Not everyone woman is super slim; we come in all shapes in sizes, so there should be models in all shapes and sizes for brands trying to sell their clothes.

    Third, grow some fucking balls and show yourself.

  • To me their bodies don't look healthy. As in way to much body fat%. For me weight has nothing to do with this. It's all about body fat% and they don't look like they have a healthy amount. To me fuck skinny, curvy, fat, etc . Why can't we all just go for looking healthy? I mean look at all the athletes in the world. They're all in many different shapes and sizes. So I vote for healthy looking models.

  • What obese women should know is that it is NOT okay to be fat.. I get that there are fat women who don't have the ability to look as thin as victoria's secret models but no one is asking them to be like that. Obese women or men shouldn't feel offended by society cuz it is their fault they are that fat. And this can be easily solved simply by saying that u don't wanna be fat anymore by eating junk food everyday and sitting on ur asses doing nothing, and actually starting to do sth about it!
    I believe that VS models are too slim and that's not how an average women should be nor is too curvy. No one is asking you to starve urself but too much is too much. Fat women shouldn't be discouraged to work out and be thinner cuz that's what the message of the video seemed to me... it's like they were literally saying "screw vs models, if ur fat and lazy and don't have the energy to do sth about it then it's fine, whatever".
    And again, women shouldn't have the bodies of vs models nor the imnoangel models.. somewhere in the middle is perfect.

    • Hahaha 😂 🙌Preach baby Preach! 🙌 this girl speaks the truth!

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    • Yes that's true but oh well.. thats life :p

    • Why do you care? It reminds me of people who care about when people do drugs (including smoking and drinking.) It's THEIR body, so WHY do YOU care? Personally I don't find them attractive but I could care less.

  • I'm no thin minnie, and I know I turn heads. So being skinny does not mean sexy. Being sexy, is just that: being sexy - that's it, no matter what size you are. Haven't you ever seen skinny unattractive women? They're everywhere. I have seen very beautiful and/or sexy women in all different body types.

    When I asked my husband once when he finds me most sexy, here's what he said to me: When you blow dry your hair.

    So when I'm wrapped with a towel around my waist, not even trying to hide my muffin, he thinks this is me at my sexiest! He's watching my hair get tousled around by my blow dryer and the determined look I get on my face making sure it gets dried right. Who knew?

    So if VS Angels or LB NoAngels can be sexy in their small and big sizes walking up and down runways and posing for their catalogs, let's include a segment of women of all shapes standing in the bathroom, blow drying their hair and see how men love it. :D

  • EVERYBODY deserves to feel beautiful. Period. Fat, curvy, fit, thin, skinny, muscular, chubby, tall, short, black, white, purple, blue and green. Nobody should be made to feel like less of a person or not beautiful because of the way they look. And idc what anyone has to say about it. It's not your preference? Fine. You don't need to bash something or someone to prove that. Agree to disagree and keep it moving. #stopbodyshaming

    • Amen, Sister!!!^^^^

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    • This shouldn't get any downvotes... This was beautifully written. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and no-one should get bashed for body-type. Well said.

    • @dutchpride92 thank you!

  • I understand why they did this but is calling out Victoria's Secret and their models necessary? They have their vision of beauty just like Lane Bryant does. In the end it's just marketing to your target audience.

    • Yes it's all to make money to be honest... it has nothing to do with showing these women can be sexy... there a business trying to appeal to the overweight women as well to cash grab

      Business is all about dollars, they don't do anything unless it brings in cash

  • Agreed - I think the media places a lot of importance on skinny models. One shouldn't be obese but not proper skinny either. It should be in-between

  • They are just bigger in size but not necessarily 'fat'... but for guys with higher standards.. of course they're gonna be atrocious to them.

    • Different guys like different things.

      I would consider myself to have very high standards. But I like these women's bodies. They might be a little chubby but they still have curves. And i love curves, like many men. Some men love VS model bodies which they might consider perfect but I dont like because I think they're too skinny and have no hips. Yet I still have "higher standards".

    • lol what a myth "just bigged bone"

      They are fat. They should start taking care of themselves before it's too late. Why hide this simple truth?

  • So now we are embracing obese people as beautiful? Can't we have a healthy balance between skinny sicks and obese? No personal responsibility ugh

    • Except those women are not obese. That is not what obese looks like.

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    • BMI is actually not supported by doctors anymore, once they realized BMI doesn't measure bone structure, shoulder width or muscle mass.

      I tend to agree with people in the medical field.

    • BMI is pretty much a crock of shit. You can't measure body fat just by looking at height and weight. That's the only thing BMI takes into account

  • I think theyre pretty. But to me, bigger women always look better than bigger guys.

  • These campaigns should include both men and women with all kinds of bodies from all around the world

  • As long as they're happy, I'm happy. I do wish they'd find a passion for health and fitness though, because truly loving your body is treating it the way it deserves to be treated by feeding it healthy foods and giving it the exercise it needs.
    I'm happy they're confident, but honestly it's only a small percentage of people who actually look good fat lol. Their bodies distribute their weight really well and there is almost no fat in their faces, which still isn't very realistic. At my heaviest, I was 195 and my body looked super lumpy and disproportionate and my face was really chubby and less appealing. The majority of overweight women are like that, where being fat just really does not suit them. Bodies like these are STILL unattainable and unrealistic. I seriously don't know any fat people who look like this. Where are the double chins and cellulite?

  • Wow what a range of comments - I think the women are very sexy, people talking about eating healthy you really think that all those super skinny models are eating healthy.
    To each their own if these women are happy, feel great about themselves why should they not wear a bikini.
    Women can be so mean to other women give it a rest people! There are more things in the world to be upset about other than whether these women should be in a bikini or lingerie.

  • More like "all forms of obese." All shapes and sizes would also include fit people and healthy people. Stop trying to normalise obesity. It is not healthy.

  • Some of these comments are horrible and straight up rude. And so are some of the questions about larger women on here. According to their logic, a women is not attractive is she is not thin and doesn't match up to society's norm. It's sad. Some women can't help one bit that they are bigger than normal. Some people are genetically larger than normal, and are born like that. You don't need to put a women down just because she does not meet your standard of beauty. Same goes for skinny girls who don't have any meat on their bones. No matter what they do, some just can't gain any weight. Their metbolism is just too fast. I'm glad that Layne Bryant is making bras for plus sized women and people with larger breasts, and teaching them to love their bodies. I enjoyed reading your take. We need to stop body shaming.

  • People's responses to this frustrate me to no end. These women are NOT modeling their bodies. They are not trying to sell their bodies. They are trying to sell CLOTHES. And the best way to sell clothes is to convince people that it will look good on your body type. If I want to buy a bra or underwear, I'd like to see how it makes someone with my body type look. Fat people want to see how it makes a fat person look. Skinny people want to see how it makes a skinny person look. Which is why we should use models of all shapes and sizes. We shouldn't be judging the bodies. We should be judging the clothes, because that's what is being advertised. /rant

  • I don't think we should be glorifying the overweight and unhealthy body images.
    We should be glorifying health. These women are overweight which means they are over the healthy weight for their height. We don't seem to have an issue pointing it out and shaming it, when it is men. Calling a large man a fatso or telling him to lose weight or get healthy. Why do we have to be so touchy about the female health ideal.
    If we can't tell people that being unhealthy is gross, are we going to soon going to have to stop telling addicts that their addiction is ok? I mean we don't want to "hurt their poor egos".

    • I sure hope you speak up about the wrongness of underweight models too.

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    • Those Victoria Secret models actually would be considered underweight, but that doesn't make them unhealthy. Same goes for these women or anyone big. Being fat does not equal unhealthy.

    • The BMI index has had lots of scrutiny about it's legitimacy and it's accuracy.
      Being fat does make you unhealthy. The number of health related issues for a woman overweight is substantially higher than a female with the body fat content of someone like Miranda Kerr.

  • I think it's okay just because doesn't mean you deserve to be locked up in a cage wtf?

  • I think that the commercial is pretty good actually, looks like every other commercial to me. I see that many people have commented that being overweight is unhealthy and not sexy and I agree that it's unhealthy, but so are many of the skinny models in today’s society. Clothing companies only focus on people who are very skinny or overweight. Can't I just be sexy having a normal body?

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