Braces- Physical discomfort in mouth?

I am about to get braces in a month (I am 20) and unlike many, I am not that worried about how bad I look with them.
I am more concerned about the cuts I might get in my mouth...Like small mouth ulcers. I get them anyway sometimes and they hurt quite a bit. So do they occur because of braces and if so, is there any easy way to prevent them?


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  • I have braces. When I first got them, it took about a month for my mouth to fully adjust to having them there. I never got the little ulcers/canker sores, but my problems were with blisters and irritation from the brackets. Your orthodontist will supply you with wax (it's just soft paraffin wax) that can be pressed onto brackets that are bothering your mouth. The inside of your mouth will eventually develop callouses or just simply adjust to the metal in there, and you won't notice anymore discomfort.

    Be sure to try and brush your teeth after every meal (yeah even if you're in public! I do it, lol) and floss like crazy with the special floss, or even better use a water flosser. Cutting down on plaque buildup around the brackets and on your teeth will create a healthy environment for your mouth, and that will keep your cheeks and lips from getting too irritated. Try to also stick to the list of food restrictions that your orthodontist gives you, like no gum or sticky foods for example - that helps tremendously. Some foods can also break your wires or brackets so pay attention to that list. You'll also be going to see the dentist or orthodontist way more often for cleanings and adjustments, so be sure to attend all your appointments.

    Good luck :)


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  • Braces aren't that bad, even having them tightened wasn't bad either... you don't really get cuts, sometimes you might get a mouth ulcer but not that often. The worst thing is having the elastic bands on them, if they snap they're quite irritating.

    • That sounds scary...snapping :/

  • I had braces and this shouldn't worry you. It may irritate your lip at first but you get used to it and it eventually stops altogether. Your orthodontist may also supply you with a wax to cover parts which protrude in such a case.

    • Wax sounds good...Right now it sounds like a life saver :P

    • I didn't even touch mine. You can have it, lol

  • You'll get them from time to time. But it'll take about a month or so before your mouth gets used to it.

    I had bracers throughout my high school years from 13-17 Never been more happy getting it removed

    • I am hoping it wouldn't be too painful.
      Thanks! :)

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  • What kind of braces are you getting?
    Yes, in the beginning you might get some smaller cuts. But they don't really hurt much, at least they didn't for me and my retainer. And there's really not anything you can do to prevent them from happening.v

    • Metal I think. I don't want to get ceramic because I have heard that they get discolored fast and look weird instead of good

  • I don't know if there's any way to prevent that, but you can take care of your teeth more intensively like brushing your braces teeth after meals and using mouth wash.
    I have been using braces for 2 weeks, the first weeks I got some cuts, but after I take care of my mouth more intense, I feel better.
    good luck !

    • Thanks! I will need it!