Do you guys like a girl who wears make-up?

or do you more prefer the natural look. I almost never wear make-up. so was wonder what you guys thought about that. Would you prefer a lot of make-up? some make-up like eyeliner or mascara? or no make-up?


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  • I was always taught that make-up is for tramps and hussy's. Everytime I see a woman wearing make-up, I'm tempted to knock her down and rub every last bit of it from her perverted face. If there were a fiber of decency left in society, this would be standard practice in all public places. If we continue to allow women to parade about like clownish harlots, it's only a matter of time til our children cry out in vain for mothers they'll never know. What's apparently a mere matter of taste to you, is, in fact, a certain matter of our collective survival. However, I do think a little toenail polish is nice.


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  • Really I think it depends on the girl some look way better with none and some do look better with it I think all women know if they look better with or with out it but to me I don't care

  • au-natural is the best!

    theres nothing worse when a girl has foundation, bronzer, and concealer on especially when she wears a pound of each its ok once in a while like if you at a big party or wedding but please don't use it everyday

    because if you think about it

    if you two get REAL serious

    then you'll be waking up to that face every day for the rest of ur life.

    and if she looks that good with makeup and need makeup to stay that pretty imagine how she looks under it.

    • Thanks for your input , am lucky to have dark features and clear skin so I don't need much make up or any at all for that matter but a girl still wonders what guys think about that hehe

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  • I believe that less is more. One can get the "natural look" without actually going makeup-less. A thin layer of cover-up, eye liner, mascara and lip gloss/chap is fine. I don't think I've ever even used blush or bronzer, actually. I grew up as a tomboy and was never allowed to use those things. Naturally, that made me want to use them even more. I just love the process of cleansing my face, sitting in front of my mirror and making myself look nice. It's something that I believe all women should take pride in. There is no such thing as an ugly woman, and if you look gross, it's your own fault. It's a part of taking care of ourselves and building confidence. But I get in so much trouble with my guy friends for doing it! They say it looks good, but I just take too long to get ready - which is true, I will admit.

    Guys can bitch and moan all they'd like about our makeup, but at the end of the day, their heads will always turn for the girls who have smooth clear skin, nice shiny hair, and her eyes popping with long lashes. And let's face it, not all of us were blessed with all this in perfect condition. Guys like attractive girls; Fact. Makeup - when done properly - makes a woman look more attractive; Fact. You think we do all of this to ourselves for our sake alone? If the world was just females, I couldn't ever imagine wearing makeup every day. Think of it as a compliment to you, gentlemen.

    • Yeah I can't imagen either it takes so much time and effort when I can be doing something else more productive ...i almost never wear any make-up only maybe sometimes a abit of mascara am not even a tomboy lol but am glad another girl sees it my way thanks for your answer