Are short girls jealous of tall girls?

i have a close friend who is shorter than me...I'm kinda above average tall I'm like 5'9 and she's like 5' and we get along together fine when were together...but our friendship seems kinda fake, because she's too cocky for me and p*sses me off when she makes comments to put me down or embarrass me in front of our mutual guy friends...she is pretty much two faced...but I don't hate her for some reason because we've been such close friends since childhood...and I don't wanna lose her as a friend. But lately I've been getting lots of attention from guys (I'm single) she has a boyfriend and she's not even that serious about him either...and I feel like she's jealous of me because constantly telling me how I've never dated, or no guy likes me, etc...

i don't know how to deal with her and what her problem is...I'm just a nice girl and she's a sharped-mouthed bad girl...i know our personalities clash but it never came between our friendship until recently...


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  • It has nothing to do with your height. I'm very short myself and I'm not jealous of my taller friends. She does not sound like a real friend, more like a close competitor. She is using you to make herself feel better. You say you have never dated, etc. so she's probably thinking that she is "one up" on you in that regard and now that you are getting male attention, she can no longer use you to feel better about herself. It sounds twisted but that's how some girls are. No matter how long you have been with her, ask yourself if you really enjoy her company. This same thing has happened to me before where long time friends suddenly turned ugly when I succeed in something; I found out that they were never my true friends to begin with and cut them from my life. No one needs that type of negative vibe.

    • Yea I really don't enjoy her company much anymore..the reason I blame the height is because she's always commenting on it, how I'm so tall and she's not...and I don't get why she's obsessed over that...she also said most guys love shorter a lot of things she says is related to height so I'm like what's your problem? thank you for the answer makes all sense

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  • I don't think it has anything to do with your difference in height, I think it's just your personalities.

    I'm 5'3" and my best friend is 5'9". We both make fun of each other's heights--when she drops something, she asks me to pick it up since I'm "closer to the ground." But the things we say aren't meant to be hurtful or embarrassing at all. And no matter what we're talking about, we never say things for the sake of being mean. I think your friend just isn't a very good friend to you anymore. You might've been close in the past, but things have changed and you've grown apart.

  • It has got nothing to do with her size I am short and all of my friends are taller than me, and I have nether acted like that. Sounds to me like she's just a b***ch sorry but it does don't mean any offense but I think she would probably act like that regardless of her height.

    • Haha, I love your profile picture.

    • Haha it is a cute picture! she is bitchy I must admit, thank you for the answer

  • The next time she does that to you should dump her, but if you feel she's some kind of obligation because of childhood family ties & you can't dump her, ask her in front of whomever she is trying to diss you if she would like some kitty chow with that. Confrontation can have amazing results

  • I don't think its cause she's short. I'm short, or rather on the shorter side, and don't put down any of my friends who are taller than myself. Sounds like she has self esteem issues and that she's the type of person who takes it out on others.

    • Yea I thnk she's insecure deep down