Is it horrible to wear nylons in the summer?

I know that's an odd question, but I wanted to wear nylons with a skirt and t shirt, but my friend freaked out with me and said that it's horrible to wear nylons in the summer.

i asked why and she said I'd look ridiculous because it's summer, and people would think I was burning up. well, I'd be wearing a skirt! so not really, at least I think...

do you think it's that big of a deal as she does? honestly, I didn't care until now.


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  • Of course not,don't worry about it.If you want to wear them the go right ahead.I know that the "bare leg look" is all the rage,right now but legs look so much better in a top quality pair of sheer hose.It's also very polished and professional looking.Personally,I like wearing all kinds os hose,wether it's pantyhose,tights,or nylon stockings.I just happen to like the look and feel.And no,I don't "need" to wear them,I do have a nice figure.I wouldn't think of going out in a skirt or dress withou hosiery on,unless it was a freakishly hot day,but for an average summer day-no problem.


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  • Personally I take summer as a time to tan.. and I really can't do that if my legs are being covered up haha, but as a fashion statement? - you can totally wear nylons! (you get bonus points if they're a cool color or have a nifty design!)

  • I think that it's fine . You'll proebly look like your hot but hey wear what you want.

  • i don't think it'd look bad at all

    if it's hot out your legs will get sweaty

    but fashion isn't supposed to be comfortable