i guess I'm looking for a digital camera. I need advice on what I should be looking for, it would help a lot more if you knew the camera type and were specific.

thanks in advance


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  • Maybe the Nikon Coolpix might be something up your alley


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  • It depends on what you want out of the camera. If you're just wanting something to use for pictures normally, something less expensive and easy to use, I would definitely go with the Nikon Coolpix. Mine was about $140, is easy to use, and has a good quality. It does video and pictures, and I've found it isn't as fragile as some digital cameras seem to be.

    But if you're wanting something a little more, not professional, per say, but nicer with better options, Nikon and Cannon both have some excellent semi-prof. cameras for about $600, with the nice lenses and extra bells and whistles. They aren't professional cameras, but they are much closer, get better range and width, etc.