I hate my looks. Suggestions?

I know I'll never be model material, or that I'll never be considered a "pretty girl". It just wasn't in the (genetic) cards for me. I know I'm being stupid, since looks aren't really important. But it gets to me every time I see some stupid or mean, yet pretty girl get all the attention or get treated better. I have a boyfriend and he likes looking at prettier women on the Internet or on TV, and even though I know it's harmless, I wish he'd see me with the same eyes and aw as he sees them. Sure, he loves me because I'm smart and nice, or whatever, but I just wish that in his eyes, I was as pretty as they are.

I know this is totally unlikely and unfair to him, it's a losing battle. So how can I get over my stupidity and all? Thanks.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I really understand what you're going through.I can honestly say I feel like the ugly duckling out of all of the girls I hang out with. I know it seems silly, and as you have already mentioned a losing battle, but you can conquer your issues.

    Everytime you see something you don't like in the mirror or whatever find something about yourself that you do like! It's all about confidence and FLAUNTING WHAT YOU GOT!

    If you are skinny, flaunt it. If you are chubby, flaunt it.God.. if you are "obese",flaunt it!

    There are a ton of things about yourself that you can find to love.. IE:

    Your hair,your eyes,your teeth,your hands,your collar bones,your legs..and I think you get the picture.

    EVERY GIRL IS A GODDESS, and you can't let yourself forget that. Never change yourself because of a friend or a boyfriend or your parents. There are tons of little things you can do to improve your looks without doing anything too drastic. Play around with makeup or maybe if you already wear makeup, try not wearing any.If you have curly hair, try straightening it and so on.

    But you are beautiful. No matter what you look like.