Why is it so taboo for older guys to like gothic women?

im 43 and i have always enjoyed living life outside the box i just refuse to change that but there has always been something that has be eating at me, why is taboo for a guy my age to want a Gothic girlfriend?

i have seen quiet a few very beautiful women who are Gothic and have even met a few which were more decent than the average Joe. should i just move away from trying to get a Gothic girl friend or is there a something i could do to improve my chances with the older gothic generation?


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  • some gothic women look nice.i agree with that but one of the reason there are fewer gothic women at a certain age (like your age group) might be due to the fact that they have to give a good image of themselves in their professional carreer, or they are moms who have to act as a good role models to their kids...


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  • Associate with things tied to goth. I know I'm younger, but I've been considered goth by my fondness of darker/more out of the box clothing and my music selection. Also, my love for stores like hot topic haha. I wasn't aware it was taboo though, but I guess I'm not old enough to know that!

    • well its cool i never go to hot topics myself but i walk by it all the time and they have some interesting non gothic things i have been looking to buy there.

    • Hot topic is like a mix of anime, music, and scene/goth/nerd. If you ask me haha

  • IS this taboo?
    I never heard of that...being taboo...

    Anyways, as long as she's around your age, it shouldn't be taboo at all.

    • well i am looking for someone around my age and they might have toned it down a bit but i think there all amazing looking. and it is a taboo where i live in the south since its 90% younger people i rarely see gothic people my age unless its around October not sure of that how they keep there lifestyle alive or not

  • I was not aware that this was taboo.

    • well its not a taboo per say but its just genrally accepted that guys my age should not be interested in the newer life styles and i should just be content with my life as it is. but i dont like that

  • I didn't realize this was taboo…? Or maybe I just have noticed it before and didn't think it was a big deal.


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  • I would hazard a guess that you could lose the ballcap.

    I don't think its taboo for older guys to like gothic women. I feel vague guilt for finding 20 year old goths hot myself when I'm an old sellout, but whatever.

    Were you ever actually -in- the gothic scene? Are you going after women close to you in age?

    I'd suggest you could orient your look towards being more goth friendly without dressing like a kid.

    • I don't doubt it. They definitely exist though as you said they've toned it down taking what may have been a style and attributing it to a lifestyle.

    • no i never was actually goth but i have know so many and they are awesome friends , you won't meet anyone who will be friendlier. and this is an old picture but i do wear a hit while i work it keep the sun off my head. and i do dress as myself

    • I'm not sure why you're calling it a 'newer lifestyle' when the original goths are probably older than you. But if anything, you'd need to dress the way grown up goths do, not the way teenage ones do.

      I cringe to say it but realistically... you'll find a higher then average proportion of younger goth women interested in older men. For what its worth.

  • I didn't know it was taboo

  • Typically it's seen as a teenage and young adult phenomenon. It's taboo to be older and associate with Gothica, period.

    • I know quite a few old goths, they've toned it down, but they're still around.

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    • Well, if you're really interested there are Gothica clubs and activities; find someone with an insider's vantage point and ask them how to set it up so you can go. From there it's dating as usual.

    • Goths have been around for years. My ex-wife was a goth in the late 70's. Check out Siouxsie and the Banshees for some original goth. People go through phases and the ex morphed into earth mother and eventually biker chick. Is it an attitude you want or just someone to dress up that way for you?

  • Become a Goth. Date a Goth girl. Enjoy life :)