Wearing clothes without underwear?

Do girls feel comfortable wearing clothes without underwear? Do girls like wearing under wears or just hate it?


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  • I love wearing underwear sometimes..other times I like going without. It just depends on what I am wearing, the situation, how I am feeling, etc. Not sure why anyone would think its gross. Not like I am showing off to anyone. Panties are ok, not bad like bras. I HATE bras. I wish we could get rid of the dang evil things.

    • Trust me you want to keep bras and love them. I saw a 78 year old lady who has never worn a bra a day in her life, and her t*ts sag to her hips! It's funny and disgusting at the same time.

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  • I always wear underwear if I am going out anywhere in public. I couldn't imagine not wearing underwear if I was wearing a dress or skirt, and it is super uncomfortable if I don't have them on while wearing jeans. I like thongs, and that is what I wear 99%, they are comfortable and never show lines. A lot of the time I won't wear them with my pjs or boxers at night, though, cause I don't really see the point.

  • Underwear is great...and sanitary...

  • no underwear for me, I know its bad but I really like to neglect the use of them when I'm wearing a skirt. it gives me a nice rush all day and gets me pretty worked up

  • I wear underwear all the time...it's uncomfortable and weird without it while wearing clothes, yeah.

  • i prefer underwear (:

    without it seems so weird.

  • I always have underwear on, it is cleaner, keeps things covered, comfy and sexy. You can't go wrong with a nice thong

  • No I think it is gross.


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