What can you tell when you look into a man's eyes?

OK ladies, I would like some input on what you either look for, can tell about, like about, or can sense by looking into a man's eyes the very first time you meet them? I seem to get a lot of complements about my eyes from woman so it made me curious about what you ladies looked for.


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  • I usually can sense what kind of guy he is by looking at his eyes.....(arrogant, shy) You may just have nice eyes.. lol....but I will tell you what...... I like eyes that hold my attention and eyes that listen and look at me when I talk.. that is sexy

    • Well I have been told that I have very sexy and seductive eyes. Now I have a good idea on what that means and all but I would like to hear what you think. And I also been told my smile is nice to.

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  • Well first you notice the color of the eye, that's usually why you get the compliments. (lol) But, for me, I can tell a guys mood and, if he's looking at me, if he interested, or intriguing. Some girls fake to know what their talking about and just try and get a word in with you to make eye contact and attract you, look for sincerity when a girl says that, not desperate eyes.

  • I can tell if he's being honest and genuine. I can also sense if he's wanting more than just my body and if he's cocky/arrogant I can tell by looking into his eyes.

    • Now can you tell by someones eyes if they are good dating material or not just by looking at a guys eyes?

    • Dating material for me. I can see what's there and probably what he may want out of the picture, but choosing to date him, is answering the question whether or not he's right for ME. & if you meant how- by where they look & how they act body wise.

  • I know that when I talk to a guy and he concentrates on me and keeps eye contact, it makes me go crazy because. I don't know exactly why but it just does. If you have pretty eyes and smile a lot that would make any girl wild.

    • Well I keep good eye contact but not to the point where I would come off as a nut case lol.

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