At what age do white boys outgrow the bowl cut?

I remember in middle school all the white boys that I thought were cute had bowl cuts. Then after ninth grade they all came back with military cuts and fades and they just...didn't appeal to me at all anymore. And now that I'm in college I see that no white men have them. Is it an internal spiritual clock that says no more bowl cuts? Is that a sign of becoming a man? Why the sudden change?


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  • Nick from the Backstreet Boys stopped doing it.

    I doubt it is an internal clock, probably more about the trends of the day and age, as well as the developing personalities of people in highschool/college. And *new* special hair coming in too. Beards.

    • I hate nick then but I love beards.

      Do you wanna support my whiteboyswithbowlcuts movement?

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    • You hate me

    • I don't hate you! But I'm not going to bring back the bowl cut to prove it...


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  • i actually am certain i know the answer to this: once they start lifting

  • Bowl cuts is the cause of parents being to lazy to buy a trimmer + not wanting to spend money on hairdressing.

    • They were so cute.

      Will you support my whiteboyswithbowlcuts movement?

  • Bowl cuts look ridiculous lol I think as they get older they get a different hairstyle

  • I don't think there's an age for it. Personally, I've never seen how it looks good on people. I've never been one of those guys to go for the bowl cut.


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