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How do ladies keep pantyhose waist bands from rolling down?

Following knee and leg surgery, the doc told me to wear medical hose to increase circulation. They were like pantyhose, but more expensive. They kept... Show More

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  • You could try like putting on underwear over the pantyhose and maybe that will help but it has to be tight underwear. I don't know just trying to help!

    might sound weird but you could try it

    • I tried your advice and it works. WAL-MART sells a stretch panty that is tight, made by Vassarett. It was a little weird, but it works. Thanks again.

    • Your welcome

      happy I could help

What Girls Said 7

  • I have no problem with mine staying up.

  • I think part of it has to do with the way our bodies are shaped. They just stay on me.

  • Pull your hose up as high as you can. Then, fold the top back down so that the "new top" is at your normal waistline. Small safety pins can help "hold". If you don't pull them tight all the way up to the crotch they will feel "saggy".

  • Us girls have a waistline and hips that widen out from that point. I guess it helps to have a decent butt too. LOL.

  • Yeah, they stay for me too. It's probably got something to do with waist:hip ratio. Womens' support pantyhose are designed for a body with larger hips, and this may be causing some of the problem. I'd talk to your doctor and see if you can get any further recommendations there.

  • I have a bit of a tummy and this happens to me too, I have no idea how to stop this.

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  • Sounds like miss anon was right on the money, my other thought was you can try a garter belt

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