Gf said id look sexier if I dyed my hair black? Thoughts on guys who dye their hair?

Thoughts on a guy who dyed his hair? Filler filler filler


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  • I don't care if a guy dyes his hair

    • Okay!(: thank you for answer

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  • I don't like it when guys dye their hair, honestly. (unless they have a punk style for example and they dye it blue or something, then it's simply a matter of like/dislike for the subculture and that particular image). Other than that, when a guy is dying his hair to make it look like it's naturally different color from his own hair, I strongly dislike it. (I even dislike it when old men do it to cover their gray hair.)
    Since I used to dye my hair black, I can tell you one thing - it is very obvious that it's not natural.I can tell a difference between a person with dyed black hair and natural dark hair in less than a second, just a glimpse is enough.

    Also - do not ever change your physical appearance for a girl. Do it if YOU like it; if she likes it as well, it's a win-win. But if you never even thought of it and she says she likes it, don't do it.

  • I personally don't like it when guys dye their hair blonde but dark colors can look very hot :)

    • This might be a stupid question but do i dye my eye brows? I know they are supposed to be lighter than my hair but

  • whats you natural hair color?

  • If it doesn't look too fake then go for it

  • What colors are your eyes and your hair now? And importantly skin tone.

    • Little tan, blue eyes blonde hair. Not exactly back but she says i look so good when my hair is darker (after a shower)

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    • Haha what does that mean?

    • Just dying your roots that are coming in.

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