What do I wear to a rave everyone?

I've been to clubs before but ne'er a rave. Im goin to a rave and i dont wanna look stupid when i show up because i didn't know how to dress haha so what do guys wear to raves?


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  • White if its the kind that throws paint at the crowd.
    If its not just go with neon everything. It doesn't matter if the colors clash. There will most likely be black lights to make it look awesome
    Pick shirts or hats with fun sayings ('sorry mom' is a popular one, you can get them in a spencers) light up accessories, necklaces, bracelets, gloves, shoes, glasses. Some places won't allow outside glow sticks but they'll have some available for purchase
    Any tie dye or drug themed clothes worth well too lol

    Don't worry if you don't look the best, its usually too dark to tell anyways, and everyone is more concerned with the music (plus they're probably high or drunk and won't remember/give a fuck)

    Have fun :)


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  • kandies ♡♡♡

  • they're usually pretty disgusting. if you must go, wear enough clothes


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  • Something you can sweat in. If its a rave and not just a club everyone will be rolling or on some psychedelic or alcohol. You're there to dance and enjoy the music/lightshows, apparel doesn't really matter.

    If you have a six pack or an impressive physique go shirtless. And drink lots of water, don't be the dumbass the gets dehydrated.