Do you have any embarrassing stories of panties being exposed?

This one girl I knew always had her panties showing I don't know if it was on purpose or what but when she was told quietly her panties were showing she didn't really care, I thought she'd be more embarrassed. Any of you have stories of where your panties were exposed and you were told about it?


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  • 2 stories actually, although I wasn't the one being exposed :)
    1. My friend is actually similar to "the girl [you] knew." Her undies were always exposed. I would subtly tell her and then she would cover up. But eventually she no longer cared, and flashed as she pleased.
    2. Family beach wedding. My auntie, wearing a dress, was posing for pictures while my cousin takes her picture as I stood next to him. An unpleasant breeze had to reveal her spandex undies to the wedding crowd, though she was too busy modeling to notice..

    • dam i wish i could of been sitting behind your friend.. what kind of panties what she wearing?


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  • One time I was wearing a skirt and had my legs wrapped around a chair. Then I accidentally fell down but my legs were still spread apart so I exposed my underwear to all the guys in front of me.

  • I was trying a dress in a shop, I had take off my bra because it was a strapless dress, and when I was in my panties ready to dress back a guy open the curtain and saw my naked back and lacy boyshort :/

  • No. Lol but Their were two diff times I by accidently flash my friend because once I forgot I was wearing a skirt and sat down to fast the skirt flew up in her vision and a 2ed time she waa down stairs and i came falling down and well she got most the view lmao haha oh well. So if i happen to have them showing again i didn't notice.


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  • i love it when girls have thier panties exposed on accident especially with in regular cotton like briefs from hanes