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Ladies when you are out places whether its in the bars or grocery store etc. How can we make eye contact or smile without coming off as creepy? Any tips to make us seem more approachable will be much appreciated.


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  • Definitely don't smile for too long. Catch her eye, smile, maybe even shyly so that she'd know it's not just a friendly smile and you're a little embarassed that she caught you looking at her, and then go back to your neutral face and go back to what you were looking at before you looked at her. Agree with the anonymous girl 1. if you're well dressed and not messy or dirty and you've got a good look, then any girl would love to be smiled at by you.


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  • When your eyes meet, a quick smile is nice. Don't prolong the staring or smiling to avoid being creepy. If you're cute, that would totally make my day.


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  • I would like to know this as well. I've been trying to uh "expand my friendliness" but I'm not sure how to with out being creepy either.