Will this haircut suit me!! Please help me decide?

Hey guys im gonna get a haircut in a few hours but i dont know if it will suit me!! Please help me!! I can't upload a picture i want to get a back slick haircut like david beckhams and the profile pic is me!!

Thanks guys i just got out of the salon and im looking flawless!! Lool


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  • Yeh, i think you'd look good.


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  • yeah it would suit you for sure. and just a trick since your xper is currently too low to upload links just copy and paste the link and create a few spaces in the link and just tell everyone to take out the spaces when they copy and paste it.

    • Sorry i didn't meen to dislike your comment its just i need to get the side short and i ask for a oppinion from my mom and she said that she doesn't think it will look great on me due to the shape of my head she is a makeup artist so im panicing i dont know what to do!!

    • it already looks longer on top and has kind of a swoop to it so it looks very similar already but ya i was thinking it mainly just needed to be a bit shorter on the sides. hair always grows back. you never know how something will look until you try. luckily for you you're a guy so it won't take long til its back at the length it was.

  • Definitely ;D

  • yes it will be good on u good luck


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