When a girl looks at you then looks away, what does that mean?

When a girl checks you out, turning her head towards you to do so, then when you catch her, she looks away quickly?


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  • she is shy but likes u


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  • It can mean she's interested or just looking. If she does it repeatedly, she's definitely interested. However, when I see a guy I like, do that once but keep a small eye out for him. My friends do the same. Hope I helped. (;

  • She probably likes you and she looks quickly away because she's embarrassed you caught her sneaking a peak at you

  • I do that with guys who I secretly have a crush on AND people who I just happened to stare at. I look away because I'm embarrassed that I was staring. If you caught a girl staring multiple times, most likely she has a thing for you. ;) Definitely start a conversation with her.


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