What kind of clothes interest a guy?

Like, if you could pick any outfit for a girl to be wearing, what would it be? What would grab your attention? What would make you take an interest in her?


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  • Something with a little bit of class and sophistication, but still revealing and flattering enough to be sexy. Any sort of slacks look great on a woman when they fit just right, and button down tops are great. For a slightly more casual look, a sun dress is tantalizing.


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  • Being honest, something tight on her or something unique. It lets me know that she has a great individuality quality and that she's not like most girls.

    • Thanks for the honest answer. :) Do you have any specific suggestions if I was trying to get a certain guy's attention?

    • Sorry but no, but I do know that the person makes the clothes not the other way around. Pick something you feel comfortable and do ya thang

  • a girl's posture is much more important than the clothes. Be mindful of how you carry yourself, watch your stride when you walk, straighten your back, etc.

  • stylish, trendy clothes but still keep in mind. clothes do NOT make the women.

    theres a certain way that a girl carries herself that catches my attention

    NOT skin tight clothes, or too small clothes

    ^you do get attention from guys but not the right guys and guys already think that you've been around the bases a couple of time ^


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