Should I pursue her again or just leave her?

Ok so about a month ago I started talking to this girl at my church (she's 16 and I'm 15 btw). So anyways I got the courage to ask her out, and she says yes. But we couldn't do anything because she was leaving for camp for a week the next day. The week goes by and she gets back. She sends me a text saying that we went to fast and we just need to back up and just be friends, but she still wants us to talk. So we don't talk for several weeks. I tried to talk to her on Facebook several times, but she keeps ignoring me. Then 2 days ago she starts texting me out of the blue. We couldn't talk long cause my phone died, so I got on Facebook and instant messaged her, and she just ignores me again.

Idk how to take this...its all very confusing, should I pursue her again or just leave her?


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  • maybe the less direct methods of communicating (Facebook) aren't her style. perhaps she wants you to be a bit more forward, which could be why youve gotten better results from texting. id say forget about Facebook, and charge your phone up and get back to texting. and then move on to actually calling her during the evenings. not too often, but let her know you're still interested. and if she's comfortable with it, try sitting next to her during church. but you're both still young and there is no need to rush things. if you really like her then you should be more than willing to take your time. but when you do talk to her try to learn about her interests and personality. let her know that your are genuinely interested and take it one step at a time. once she's comfortable with you and you've earned her trust then maybe she would be willing to join you for a movie or something of that nature. but definently don't bombard her Facebook with messages, that could make her uncomfortable. just be her friend, but get as close as you can without being invasive. and after you 2 are more comfortable with each other, ask her to spend some quality time with you, whether it be a movie, a church activity or what ever else the 2 of you could take a common interest in. I'm not the best person for relationship advice but I hope that I've been of some help, best of luck :)


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  • Maybe she wasn't on Facebook for those few weeks. Maybe she was waiting for you to actually call her or something. I don't know anyways the maybes don't even matter. So what you should do is just call her and ask her to hang out with you and a few of your close friends. This way she will understand that you are not trying to rush her into a relationship with you. Just hang out as friends for a little while and let things progress naturally. You need to show her that you respect her wishes to just be friends for a little while. Some girls like to be friends with a guy first. Call her. Text her. Whatever just make an effort besides Facebook. If she still ignores you, just move on. If she's not interested don't waste your time.

  • May be you should try talking to her in person

    • Idk the only time I see her is at church, and that wouldn't be the ideal place. and the only other time I see her is at youth (which is in 2 weeks)

    • Get her num

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  • She might not have ignoring you, she might not have been near her comptuer when you messaged her on Facebook.

    Either way, I'd start focusing on another girl...