Girls, what do you like to wear around a guy you like to turn him on?

what clothes make you feel the sexiest?


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  • I would like to think that I don't really think about how a guys going to react to what I'm wearing, but to think more about how I feel in whatever it is I decide to wear. the more confortable you are in what your wearing the more your confidence shows which is the sexiest thing I think. I can feel super sexy in just a pair of jeans, tank top or t-shirt, and converse. or just your favorite outfit can bring you confidence. I do love to wear heels expecially boots that come up to the lower knee. but its only a plus if guys like it lol...if I'm confortable I'm confident. also sometimes I like to have a little secret to my self with what I'm wearing like my favorite lacy bra no one knows I'm wearing under my rock t-shirt lol.. that always works too. thinking about how the guys would react finding out what it looks like,

    haha I have a question? do guys think about a girls under wears and bras do you try to figure out a girls style or what she's wearing? haha

    this is a fun topic :)


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  • someting lacy, or a short dress with alloooot of cleavage =]

    my guy loves it <3

  • I feel the sexy in a pair of tight jeans and a belly shirt with either flip-flops or high-heels to show off my pedicure or a bathing suit..


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