Would you go out with a guy who dyes his hair, but looks young everywhere else?

Now, it is really hard to see the few grey hairs that I have, and I look young otherwise, but do women like men to dye their hair or leave it alone. I am 44 and pretty fortunate I really don't have tons of grey, but am thinking about it because it will get worse fast and I am single. What would you do if you found out that I dyed my hair instead of telling you first?


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  • Grey hair is a natural part of aging. But anyway, I wouldn't even care, doesn't matter at all.


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  • Why would you ask what would you do if...?

    It's YOUR hair, so the decision should be up to you. Do what you want with it.

    I wouldn't even worry about a few grey hairs anyways. It happens with age, and it will eventually happen to us all, and besides...some females like a little grey hair!

  • either way. especially if you look young in general anyway. lots of guys still look really hot grey hair and all. some guys look better with darker hair--if you dye it's no biggie!


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