What unnatural color should I dye my hair? (Girls and Guys)

Wanting to dye my hair just cause I feel like it. I occasionally do random things just cause it makes me happy. I want to be creative with it and would like some ideas. It can be more than one color as well. Also let me know if you've done it before.

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Also considering to use the color as highlights or just on the tips instead of all my hair. Which I've been growing out. Also wondering what style would go with a new hair color.


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  • you could probably pull off a darker brown color. i dont think unnatural colors would look really good on you, but do what makes you happy. i think a dark brown/dark auburn color would look good!

    • thanks for MH :)

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  • I personally don't think that you should dye your hair an un natural colour; It doesn't look very attractive. But if you insist on it I think red, purple, blue and orange are the best ones.


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