What should I wear? Guys? Girls? :)?

I'm going to see a concert of a guy that plays in the band, he's so hot. It's not a metal or rock band, nothing like that. I want to stand out in the croud you now.. he knows I'm coming. I'm thinking of wearing a dress (not a tight short slutty dress lol, one more girly you know...). What colour should I wear, should it have an open neckline (boobs or no boobs it's the question)... or should I just not go for a dress?

Thank you so much everyone, it's tonight so.. I think now I know better what to wear! :)


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  • Wear a dress with a really loose/flirty skirt. I wouldn't wear heels unless you don't mind standing in them for the length of the concert - wear your sexiest (comfortable) shoes.

    The stage will be elevated so some cleavage will happen naturally. If you have nice boobs, you can definitely show them off without looking too provocative (since he'll be looking down when he sees you).

    • Thanks! Have fun at the show!

    • Thank you! It was a really good advice ;)

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  • Go with the girly but sexy dress and tasteful cleavage with a major push up bra. Stiletto pumps are dressy and super sexy at the same time. You want to put the other women to same so when they see him with you, they'll know you make an effort and that's how you got him.

  • Boobs, boobs, boobs. Wait, is his family going to be there, and are you trying to impress them? Is this guy just a fling or are you wanting a long term thing? If no on the fam questions and yes to fling I'd go as slutty as you dare. Is no to family questions and long term then go with the Nic dress by show the boobs. If you are trying to impress his fam and they will be there then you probably ought to cover those puppies up.

    • I think his family is not going to be there... and totally yes to the second question. Thank you! :)

    • Awesome. Well best of luck with it honey. Let us know how it goes. :)

  • Boobs option is always better.

    If you want to stand out wear something bright like red or yellow.

    Other than that just look hot. Show off your best features. If you have nice legs wear a short dress or short shorts, if you have nice boobs wear a low neck line, if you have thin waist wear something contouring. Just dress to your strengths

    • Thanks! This was a very good answer also... showing by best features. :)

  • jeans and a tee shirt..
    ... or stand out (if need be) in a neon colored or LED jumpsuit!!!

    • The music is like alternative rock if I can say that... they actually wear suits with tie and all of that. You still think that I should go with jeans? :)

    • are you trying to lure him? .. or not?

      dress casual and comfortable (appropriate)... don't send him or anyone else the wrong message!

  • Dress for your best asset, cover up the rest


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  • Wear bright colors and don't show too much cleavage.